APNM Needs Your Contributions

Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM) asks you—its members and supporters—to consider making a special gift. Philanthropy offers many tax advantages, but the main reason for giving is to speak for the animals, who, in our society, have no voice.

Donate online with credit/debit
Make a one-time donation or become a monthly contributor of APNM's programs and campaigns with the ease of a credit or debit card.
Mail a Check or Money Order
Mail a check or money order to save transaction costs for larger dontions with this form, or send to:

APNM, P.O. Box 11395, Albuquerque, NM 87192

Also, please consider one of the following Major Gifts:

Endowment Gifts: APNM’s top fund-raising priority is building its endowment. Endowment funds secure an organization’s future. Undisturbed capital is invested and the interest from the investment finances operating expenses. A contribution to the APNM endowment fund is the most important gift you can make. Help guarantee APNM’s tomorrow by making your endowment gift today.

Planned Gifts: Planned gifts are delayed APNM contribution commitments.These include lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, insurance policies and Wills. A popular planned giving “instrument” is the Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT). CRT’s benefit you and APNM. You receive income from the trust for a set period of time, after which, the trust’s “remainder” is donated to APNM. You can realize significant tax benefits from this type of deferred gift. To insure this gift’s integrity, you must work with your own financial advisers and attorneys to establish a Charitable Remainder Trust.

Will Gifts: Naming APNM as a beneficiary in your Will is a simple and painless way to make a substantial gift. NOTE: The organization’s name was changed from Sangre de Cristo Animal Protection, Inc. to Animal Protection of New Mexico, Inc. in 1997. To avoid legal complications, be sure you have correctly identified the organization in your Will as: Animal Protection of New Mexico, Inc. While not required, APNM would appreciate receiving confirmation that the organization is named as a beneficiary of your estate and a copy of the portion of your Will that names APNM.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock: Gifts of appreciated stock benefit both the donor and APNM. Donated prior to December 31st, this type of contribution gives you a tax deduction for the full value of your gift AND helps you avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated portion.

Other Ways to Give

Enroll in EasyGive: Call APNM’s Albuquerque office to learn how to have your APNM donations automatically deducted from your savings or checking account each month. EasyGive lets you give generously, effortlessly.

Give APNM Memberships: APNM memberships make great gifts. For as little as $20/year, your gift membership sends APNM’s Newsletter to someone who cares about animals. Call 505-265-2322 or click here to enroll family and friends as APNM members.

Become an APNM member:
print form | join online

Volunteer: Your time and skills are needed. APNM has more projects than its small staff can pursue. Success depends on volunteers, who accomplish many of the amazing things you read about. Join the ranks of those who give their time to help animals.

Give the United Way: You can designate APNM a recipient of your United Way contributions. Simply write APNM’s name on your United Way form and submit it to your employer.

More about supporting APNM

As members and donors to Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM), you have every right to know how your funds are spent and whether your organization complies with various federal and state laws governing non-profits. Here are some of the requirements with which non-profits—including APNM—must comply:

1. All non-profit organizations must have a 501 c 3 designation letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) attesting to the fact that they are tax exempt. APNM received its non-profit designation in February 1981. A copy of a letter from the IRS affirming APNM’s tax-exempt status is provided to donors upon request.

2. Non-profits must file annual tax returns—called 990s—with both federal and state government agencies. Once filed, the New Mexico Attorney General’s office issues the charity a letter attesting that it is in good standing as far as filing the tax documents and financial reports required by the New Mexico Charitable Organizations and Solicitations Act. APNM annually receives such a letter from the Attorney General’s office.

3. Non-profit organizations must be incorporated, have articles of incorporation and bylaws on file with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (formerly, the State Corporation Commission), and periodically file various reports with this agency. You can call the Corporation Bureau (505/827-4508) or visit the Regulation Commission’s web site at www.nmprc.state.nm.us to check on the charity’s standing. For a modest fee, you can also obtain copies of the incorporating documents, amendments etc. from the Commission.

4. Online, charities throughout the nation are listed at www.guidestar.org, billed as the “Donors Guide to the Charitable Universe.” To check APNM’s (or any other charity’s status), go to the site map and enter the name of the name of the organization in which you are interested. Click on the organization’s record. Its assets and income will be displayed. You can view its tax return by selecting “more financial information.” The New Mexico Attorney General’s office is linking its own web site with the Guidestar site so prospective donors can access this kind of information at all times.

Consistent compliance with these regulations is one more reason APNM donors can give with confidence. APNM welcomes your membership gifts, estates, and stock.


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