Monthly Donors Needed to Support Everyday Work of Protecting Animal's Lives

By Anne Coller, President, APNM Board of Directors

Dear Supporters and Prospective New Members,

Animal Protection of New Mexico has made some big waves in the media as of late, such as CNN coverage of the National Institute of Health decision to give the Alamogordo chimpanzees a two year reprieve from their planned transfer to a research and testing facility in Texas.


These important and sometimes high profile campaigns are triumphs for animals. Please also consider, however, the everyday triumphs that APNM causes. For example, did you know that our Animal Cruelty Case Manager has been getting more and more calls on the APNM animal cruelty hotline? While the reality of animal abuse in New Mexico can be discouraging, at least we can take heart in the fact that more people are getting the referral information needed to help authorities investigate cruelty cases, and get animals the help they need. Since 2006, the number of Cruelty Hotline calls has increased ten-fold! The hotline is working. Since 2007, calls received have led to numerous law enforcement raids of dog fighting, cockfighting and animal hoarding activity.

Horses are a part of New Mexico's heritage, but throughout the state horses are left without food, without water, and exposed to extreme weather conditions. This is why APNM has set up the Equine Protection Fund (Fund) within the New Mexico Community Foundation. The Fund, whose impact has been growing substantially in the last year, provides emergency feed assistance and veterinary services so people can more easily afford to feed or care for their horses, especially in the ongoing economic recession. Those in need can call APNM to arrange for funds to be directed to local feed stores. The funds are disbursed, and people can pick up free hay and grain at the feed store. This is another way that APNM helps save animals' lives on a day-to-day basis.

Each month APNM sends out email alerts to its membership base and press releases for the general public about our life-saving work for animals. Many of our contributors have made the choice to pledge a monthly donation to APNM. Perhaps you might also consider becoming a monthly donor as well? Monthly donors provide security to the organization and ensure that we can continue making the biggest difference we can for animals. As a monthly donor, you can contribute whatever amount you can afford, and it allows you to spread out your annual giving throughout the course of the year.

There are several ways that you can make a monthly contribution to the animals of New Mexico. We hope that you choose to do so and use a method that works for you:

  1. Make an online donation each month using your credit or debit card. Just click the option to make your donation recur.

  2. Set up a wire transfer (Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT) through your bank.  Contact us for our routing and account numbers, then contact your bank for specific instructions on setting up a monthly transfer.

  3. Mail a check to APNM on your own each month.  Mark your calendar!

  4. Set your online automatic bank bill payer to send APNM a monthly check.

  5. Give through your workplace United Way Campaign.

Thank you for considering the great responsibility and benefits of being a monthly donor. Your pledge and commitment to APNM is so much appreciated by our staff and board, and will be felt by the animals your contribution will help protect.

Sincerely yours,

Anne Coller
APNM Board of Directors


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