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Monthly Pledges Needed:
Let’s Count on Each Other

By Patricia Ehlinger, Secretary/Treasurer, APNM Board of Directors

Over the last decade, members have watched APNM grow into an organization they can depend upon to lead the charge for a more humane New Mexico. Through the years APNM has responded to member’s tips working to: stop cruel state fair acts like mulediving; stop the cruel event of horsetripping before it became entrenched in our state; legally halt the buffalo hunt; and publicize the atrocities of ITRI, ADC and The Coulston Foundation. APNM has addressed literally thousands of member concerns, whether it’s delivering a doghouse to an old pitbull tied without shelter in Quemado, providing presentations to interested groups, or filming an ADC helicopter gunning down coyotes to publicize this atrocious practice. Members have come to count on APNM to be there, to care, and to take direct action.

Similarly, APNM has come to rely on its members. Protecting and improving the lives of animals in New Mexico is costly. Although APNM makes every attempt to keep expenses down by seeking donated services where possible, there are regular monthly expenses for literature, printing, staff, phones, faxes, postage, computer-related costs, utilities, office rent, etc., as well as campaign-related costs.

Monthly pledges by APNM members have been extremely helpful in allowing this organization to operate with a sense of security, an increased momentum, and a vision for the future. Through the pledge system, members can donate any amount they can afford on a monthly basis. This can be done by either sending a monthly payment or having your pledge deducted automatically through electronic funds transfer (EFT). Using the EFT system is APNM’s preference, because it eliminates costly administrative and postage costs. Please see the EFT form inserted in this newsletter. You can also call the office if you would like to have additional forms sent to you.

APNM will be proactive in the coming years by helping to pass more progressive laws, promoting massive spay/neuter efforts, and focusing on humane education for New Mexico’s youth, just to name a few things. Please let APNM know they can count on you to make it all happen by pledging a regular amount on the EFT form inserted in this newsletter.

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