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NM Animal Resources Guide

New Mexico Animal Resources Guide

A comprehensive list of services for helping animals in New Mexico:

  • County-by County
  • Shelters
  • Law Enforcement
  • Rescue Groups
Caring For Your Companion Animal

Caring For Your Companion Animal

Recommendations to help you give your animals the care they need and deserve. Available in both English and Spanish.




Equine Care Guide

Equine Care Guide

This five-fold, bilingual (English/Spanish) brochure, initially prompted by a request from a law enforcement official, contains information on proper feeding, shelter, veterinary care, grooming, and emergency planning.

Equine Care Guide

Animal Disaster Planning Guide

Don’t forget about your animals when preparing for disaster. If a situation escalates to the point where it is not safe for you to stay in your home, it isn’t safe for your animals to stay either. Check out these tips and other resources to ensure that your animals stay safe in any situation.

Equine Care Guide

Animal Emergency Guide

Action plan for when animals are suffering and you think the law is being broken.

Equine Care Guide

How To Place a Companion Animal in a Good Home

A humane solution for animal overpopulation.

Equine Care Guide

How To Create an Animal "Safe Haven" Program

Protecting vicitms of domestic violence and their companion animals.

Equine Care Guide

Protocols for Veterinary, Groomer or Boarding Kennel Complaints

This action plan may help ensure the safety of yours’ and others' compaion animals.

Living with Wildlife

Beaver Landowner's Guide

Landowners Guide to Nonlethal Beaver Solutions

APNM offers this useful tool: A comprehensive guide that summarizes the best information available to help landowners coexist with these special critters.

Co-Existing With Cougars

Co-Existing With Cougars

Learn the common-sense precautions you should practice to avoid conflicts when sharing the land with cougars. Be Cougar Smart!



Equine Care Guide

A Guide for Wildlife Stewards

Sandia Mountain BearWatch members have compiled this guide from many sources as a handy wildlife reference, and as a learning tool on how to co-exist with all of the wildlife that is all around us.

What To Do With Sick and Injured Wildlife

What To Do With Orphaned, Sick or Injured Wildlife

Many wild animals are cute, especially babies, and it might be tempting to try and care for one on your own. But wild animals can be aggressive and can carry parasites and diseases that may be transmissible to you or your companion animals. Refer to this guide to find wildlife rehabilitators in your area.

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Shelter Savvy

New Mexico Animal Law: City and county animal ordinances & resources

Government Contacts

Spay-Neuter Resources in New Mexico

Dissection Choice Loan Library

Studies and Reports from APNM

Overview & Research Summary: The Link Between Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence

Collaborative Study on Chained Dogs Published by APNM and New Mexico Department of Public Safety

Additional Features and Articles

Brochures by the Office of New Mexico Attorney General Gary King (PDFs):
Animal Cruelty: Observe, Document, Report
Animal Sales: Where will your pet come from?

Meat-Industrial Complex: How factory farms undercut public health (In These Times Magazine)

Consumer Alert: Are “Spot-On” Flea Killers Safe? (PDF)

Genetic Diversity: Evolution's Palette: Op-ed by James A. Bailey