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 The Consumer Protection Division performs many functions with one intent: to protect the public from fraudulent and unethical business practices. This is a Division that, under the best of  circumstances, would have nothing to do. Sadly, such is not to be the case any time soon. Our priorities for this division are threefold: 1) to educate consumers as to the multiple scams that are daily  perpetrated on the unsuspecting and the trusting; b) to create an environment in which those who would engage in fraudulent and unethical business practices would, knowing that New Mexico has zero tolerance  for such actions, bypass our state's residents as targets and, c) failing in the above, investigate and prosecute to the fullest anyone with the temerity to engage in such acts.

This Division is  heavily dependent on the public - to spot scams and unethical business practices and to report them immediately. We encourage you to exam this site in detail, educate yourself as to suspicious practices and  use either this web site or our consumer hotline to alert us as quickly as possible. This will save the consumer time, energy, grief and money. We promise to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours of  receiving it. Most importantly, alert yourself, your family and friends to as many of these practices as you possibly can. Many are discussed herein. This is one instance in which the axiom of an ounce of  prevention is most apropos. Together we can make New Mexico a scam-free zone. Our goal is to help consumers make wise spending choices and to help you protect yourself from fraud.We provide numerous  publications and brochures, links to other consumer resource web sites and much more.

How to file a Consumer Complaint

(Instructions and printable form)

 Frequently Asked QuestionsPublications

Consumer Resource Guide and Legal Services Directory

Other valuable information is available in brochures provided by the division. You may request these brochures on-line or,  for an order form  detailing the topics covered in the brochures, call 1-800-678-1508  statewide or 827-6060 in Santa Fe.


Division staff are available to speak to clubs, schools or churchs. Popular topics  include fraud against the elderly, charitable organizations and consumer skills for teens.

Look Before you Give!

The Registry of Charitable Organizations can tell you if a charitable organization is  registered with our office. If so, we can provide  information, such as the amount spent on  fund raising and salaries  of executives, based on the charity's most recently filed IRS  Form 990.

* Charitable Organizations Registry (see contact info below)

Contact Information:

If you need information you cannot find here, or would like to request brochures or publications, you may contact the  Consumer Protection  Division at:

800-678-1508 ( statewide )

505-827-6060 ( Santa Fe)

Fax: 505-827-6685

Albuquerque: 222-9000

In-State Toll Free: 1-800-300-2020


STATUTORY AUTHORITY: Sections 8-5-1 through 8-5-15 NMSA 1978


Consumer Complaint Form

As a consumer you have the right to file a written complaint with the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division,  if you are unable to resolve a complaint with a business. Even if  the business is out of state we will investigate the issue as long as you have contacted the business yourself and were unable to achieve satisfactory resolution. We will not serve as your legal counsel in the complaint, but instead will investigate the issue for wrongdoing and any violation of New Mexico or federal law. Our area of concern is fraudulent or unethical business practices that exploit the consumer. Our goal is to resolve the issue to both parties satisfaction in the simplest way possible, but occasionally we find it necessary to act with civil or criminal proceedings against some businesses  that have established a pattern of abuse. The consumer complaint form is available on this page to be printed for your convenience.

Consumer Protection Division

PO Drawer 1508

Santa Fe, NM 87504-1508.

Or call: 1-800-678-1508 or

827-6060 in Santa Fe

If you lack the capability to print this document off of the web page you may request a copy by calling (505) 827-6060.


Below is a link to a printable complaint form. Please be sure to fill out the  entire form. When submitting a form, two copies of any documents such as  contracts, canceled checks, advertisements, etc., that would support your claim must also be sent to the above address.

Printable Form  Adobe Acrobat


 The special Prosecutions Division investigates and prosecutes cases referred to this office from District Attorneys statewide who cannot prosecute the case due to a conflict of interest, or resources or expertise limitations. Special Prosecutions provides support to law enforcement agencies statewide in a variety of ways. The recently established Capitol Crimes Unit offers assistance to District Attorneys in investigation, pre-trial preparation, and litigation of capital crime cases. This division offers educational opportunities to law enforcement in areas of statewide interest including Violence Against Women, Sexual Assault, School Violence, Money Laundering, and Computer Crime.

The New Mexico Office of the Attorney General is beginning to store documents in .PDF format. This will allow you to view formatted  documents and have greater control over printing. A copy of the complaint form and instructions has been provided for you in this format. If you  don't already have one, you will need a plugin for your browser from the Adobe Corporation. By pressing this button you can retrieve the Acrobat Reader from Adobe to enable your machine to  handle this file format.


When we receive your complaint, it will be reviewed and assigned to a Consumer Advocate. A copy of the complaint will be mailed to the  business with a request that they respond to the complaint.

This office attempts to mediate matters that the consumer and the business cannot resolve. If mediation is unsuccessful, you will be notified that we cannot take further action. We cannot act as a private attorney. The  Attorney General's office initiates legal action only when there is a pattern or practice of consumer fraud affecting a significant number of consumers.

We hope we can be of service to you in resolving your complaint. If you need additional assistance, please contact us at 1-800-678-1508 (toll free within New Mexico), or 827-6060 in Santa Fe.

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