Become an APNM Milagro Awards Sponsor


Each award is a silver medallion, designed and fabricated by San Juan Pueblo silversmith, Andrew Garcia.

It takes a lot to earn a Milagro Award. You could say it takes a miracle - of vision, of initiative, of commitment, of doing the hard work that may never be noticed, day after doggone day. It takes an awful lot of heart.

Please show your support for our Milagro Awards.


Award Sponsorship

Sponsor one of this year’s thirteen awards—such as the Humane Education Award, the Lawmaking Advocacy Award or the Animal Award. Offered on a first-come, first-served basis, Award Sponsorship means you can co-present the award with an APNM representative. You will also receive premier Milagro sponsorship benefits. Sponsorship of each award is $5,000.

Download Award Sponsor Form (pdf)


Corporate Sponsorship

Demonstrate your leadership as a New Mexico business by supporting this gala event that celebrates those who have gone out of their way for animals, and as a result have made our state a much better place to live. Four levels of corporate sponsorship provide New Mexico businesses, large or small, a variety of ways to honor a 2011 Milagro Award winner. Through a sponsorship, you can make sure New Mexicans know that your business cares about animal issues. Business sponsors receive extensive exposure through APNM's website and event promotion. To learn more about the various forms of sponsorship and the benefits associated with your contribution, please see the CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP link below. Thank you!

Download Corporate Sponsor Form (pdf)


Individual Sponsor

You can demonstrate the power one person can make by becoming an individual sponsor of APNM's 2011 Milagro Awards. Show your appreciation of these remarkable award winners by offering a big “thank you” in the form of an individual sponsorship. Six levels of Individual Sponsorships provide flexibility in supporting the grand achievements of this year's award winners. To find out more, please see the INDIVIDUAL SPONSORSHIP link below. Thank you!

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Program Advertiser

Show others that you want to help celebrate New Mexicans who do great things for animals. Place an ad in the Milagro Awards event program at any one of six sizes. Program ads range from $80-1,400.

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