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Honoring Champions for Animals: 
APNM Seeks Nominations for the 2011 Milagro Awards


Each award is a silver medallion, designed and fabricated by San Juan Pueblo silversmith, Andrew Garcia.

Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM) is seeking nominations for its 2011 Milagro Awards to be presented at Santa Fe's Eldorado Hotel on Saturday, October 1. Nominations must be postmarked by May 6, 2011.

Animal Protection of New Mexico is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advocate the rights of animals by affecting systemic change, resulting in the humane treatment of all animals. Since 2000, APNM has been “catching people in the act" of doing good things for animals, and recognizing them for their humanitarian efforts at its Milagro Awards ceremonies.

APNM believes in publicly recognizing and thanking those who go out of their way to improve the lives of animals in New Mexico. The Milagro Awards recognize individual and collaborative humanitarian acts on behalf of animals.  New Mexico organizations, businesses and individuals can be nominated in the following categories, except for the Animal Award category, which is for animal nominees only:

Advocacy Award:
for advocacy efforts that promoted the compassionate treatment of animals and/or combated institutionalized animal cruelty; for efforts that alleviated the pain and suffering of animals used for "entertainment" or for cruel medical experiments;

Animal Award: for exceptional animal courage and/or intelligence (animal nominees only);

Direct Animal Services Award: for efforts that directly improved the lives of animals; for alleviating the pain and suffering of companion animals, farm animals, livestock and/or wildlife;

Humane Education Award: for innovative classroom, public, private or civic education efforts that fostered humane ethics in youth;

Lawmaking Advocacy Award: for efforts that resulted in the passage of animal protection legislation;

Media Award: for spotlighting animal issues with courage, creativity and integrity;

Spirit of the Mission Award: for actions that brought about precedent-setting change with a national impact that advances the animal rights movement;

Youth Award: for youth activism, ethics, and bravery.

Senator Mary Jane Garcia Award:
for exceptional leadership, courage and persistence in the face of
opposition, resulting in positive change for animals.

Humane Citizen Award:
for efforts by a private citizen to promote the humane treatment of animals using a variety of approaches and methods.

In addition, the APNM Board of Directors presents a Board of Directors’ Award for lifelong commitment to animal rights, and the APNM Executive Director presents an Executive Director’s Award for outstanding support of APNM’s mission and programs.

To nominate your hero for the animals, download the nomination form in pdf, or contact APNM at (505) 265-2322, x21.

To mail-in your nomination, please send 7 copies of the completed form to: APNM, P.O. Box 11395, Albuquerque, N.M. 87192.

Nomination Guidelines

The selection committee looks for nominees:

  • whose accomplishments reflect APNM’s mission of affecting systemic change for animals;
  • whose work benefits New Mexico’s animals;
  • who have a proven and demonstrable track record of successes which has the potential for lasting impact; and
  • who demonstrate fiscal integrity in the projects they undertake.

    The guidelines above apply to all award nominees except for the Animal Award.

    The selection committee bases its decisions on awards exclusively on the content and quality of the nomination submitted. No further research on nominees will be conducted by the committee.

Become an underwriter for this remarkable and important event and
show your support for the heroes for animals in our community!


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