Equine Protection Program

Horses Are Our Heritage


Horses (and their relatives—donkeys, mules, and burros) have played an integral part in New Mexico’s history. From the Spanish mustangs to the settlers’ pack mules to today’s working and pleasure-riding horses, it is impossible to conceive of the present-day Southwest without the influence of equines.

Horse concerns are a timely issue

APNM, which operates the state’s animal cruelty hotline, has seen a dramatic increase in the number of equine neglect and abuse calls in recent years. Economic hardships in a national recession have impeded the ability of many horse owners to adequately care for their animals. Additionally, though commercial horse slaughter has been halted within the United States, every year thousands of horses are shipped across New Mexico’s border into Mexico for slaughter.

APNM is actively seeking solutions to remedy these problems with the Equine Protection Program. This campaign plans, financially supports, and implements a comprehensive statewide program to address the most immediate needs of horses and other equines in New Mexico. Cooperation and collaboration with people all over the state is necessary to achieve humane conditions for our equines – support this work, donate today!


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Equine Protection Fund
APNM has partnered with the New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF) to develop the Equine Protection Fund, which provides immediate help for equines in dire need and funds programs to address the causes of equine cruelty. The Fund at NMCF accepts contributions from a variety of sources and is overseen by an advisory board of horsemen and women from across the state. Please support this groundbreaking work for equines in New Mexico!

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More info: www.EquineProtectionFund.org

Emergency Feed Assistance

Watch a short video on the Equine Protection Fund’s program to feed hungry horses in New Mexico:

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