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It’s the 21st Century and students should no longer have to make a choice between dissecting animal specimens or their academic careers. With modern technology and evolving views of animals, failing, dropping out or electing not to take a life science course due to ethical views may become an anachronism.

APNM is helping this evolution along by offering resources for teachers, students and their parents who want to ensure quality instruction in anatomy, physiology and other biological sciences without causing harm to animals. The library is stocked with interactive, multimedia programs—virtual anatomy software—that enable students to learn the structure and function of a variety of biological organisms, from individual structures to entire animals.





Borrowing library materials gives educators an opportunity to explore the various alternatives, which are designed by teachers to best meet teaching objectives. This allows them to find the programs that best suit their needs before purchasing the programs for their classrooms. The lending program is also a great resource for schools that are not yet ready to obtain their own resources, but want to provide humane alternatives to those students objecting to traditional dissection.

The academic discourse on the use of animals in science education has reached a level where no students should be dismissed as simply squeamish when refusing to dissect animals in the classroom. APNM seeks to validate students’ claims to a compassionate education.

Available Software Titles:

The Digital Frog 2

Dry Lab Plus Fetal Pig

Cat Works

Dissection Works (includes frog, earthworm, crayfish, perch and fetal pig)

Available Resource Books

Beyond Dissection: Innovative Tools for Biology Education. Ethical Science Education Coalition. 1987.

Vivisection and Dissection in the Classroom: A Guide to Conscientious Objection. Gary L Francione and Anna E Charlton.1992.

From Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse: Alternative Methods for a Progressive, Humane Education. Nick Jukes and Mihnea Chiuia. 2003.

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