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The National Animal Control Association recently announced a nationwide week of recognition for animal control officers and the important work that they perform. Animal Protection of New Mexico encourages local government agencies, elected officials and residents throughout the state to participate in celebrating National Animal Control Appreciation Week, April 13-19, 2008.

Animal control officers have jobs that a lot of people wouldn’t want, or couldn’t do. Every day, they work long hours under difficult and often dangerous circumstances to provide necessary services to communities through their law enforcement and public safety duties, usually with extremely limited resources. Their work includes everything from keeping people safe from rabies and dangerous animals, to investigating extreme animal cruelty and neglect. They witness the aftermath of hoarding, starvation and animal fighting. They are often at risk when responding to calls. They protect helpless animals by rescuing them from injury, disease and abandonment, and help give sanctuary to thousands of homeless animals.

Animal control officers deserve support and respect. They deserve encouragement and our thanks.
Please give the men and women of animal control in your community public thanks and recognition during National Animal Control Appreciation Week. The following are just a few ways you could do that:

  • Ask your county and municipal public officials to issue a public proclamation during the month of April to all the animal control officers in your community.
  • Local residents, community organizations, humane societies, business leaders, schools and others can also become involved in National Animal Control Appreciation Week, by sponsoring a lunch or by sending flowers, balloons or cards to local animal control officers.
  • Contact your local media to notify them of upcoming events in connection with this special week, and to help inform the community of all the vital services provided by your animal control officers.
  • On the final day of the week, hold an appreciation party for all animal control agency personnel, with special emphasis on the collective and individual efforts of officers. Recognize noteworthy actions performed during the previous year.
  • Encourage municipal and county management in your area to support the work of animal control staff and volunteers who care for animals. By donating toward the purchase of new equipment, the community can make important improvements for the employees and the animals they assist.

Animal Protection of New Mexico would like to see photos of animal control officers being commended or appreciated in your community. Please share them with us at apnm@apnm.org. As space allows, we will post them on our web site for the whole world to see!

To download samples of public proclamations, please visit:

To download a copy of the NACA’s promotional brochure, please visit:


[print and share this flyer in PDF]