Care for Cougars? Speak out for New Mexico's At-Risk Cougar Population at Upcoming Game & Fish Public Meetings

new mexico cougarsNew Mexico's cougars are our state's biggest wildcat, at home in the most rugged parts of our beautiful state. Although only 1,000 to 2,500 adult cougars are estimated to live across the entire state, New Mexico Game & Fish allows up to 250 cougars killed each year. Many of these are cougar mothers, whose orphaned cubs starve to death.

In the coming weeks New Mexico Game & Fish will be hosting public meetings about cougar regulations. If you care about New Mexico's cougars, we encourage you to attend the meeting closest to you.

You are not required to say anything at these meetings if you attend. But if you would like to speak up for New Mexico's cougars, here are some facts to consider:

Over 1,000 cougars have been killed in New Mexico since 2000 (not including orphaned cubs). There are no killing limits for cougars on private lands in New Mexico.
48% of the cougars killed last year in New Mexico were female. Studies show that at least half of these females probably had cubs, which likely starved to death.

Here are the meeting dates:

  • Feb. 21, Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Albuquerque at the Game & Fish conference room
  • Feb. 28, Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Roswell at the Game & Fish conference room
  • March 2, Thusday, 6:30 pm, Raton at the Game & Fish conference room
  • March 7, Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Silver City Forest Service Supervisors Office
  • March 9, Thursday, 6:30 pm, Cuba Senior Center
  • March 14, Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Gallup Chamber of Commerce

We also encourage you to submit written comments to Game & Fish, especially if you are unable to attend a meeting. Mail your respectful comments to:

New Mexico Game & Fish
Rick Winslow
1 Wildlife Way
Santa Fe, NM 87507
or email him at:

If you do plan on attending one of the meetings, please feel free to contact Jon Schwedler, Wildlife Project Manager for APNM, for more information at

Also feel free to consult the cougar information on our Cougar campaigns page.