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Update: Volunteers Needed!

Prairie Dog Pals has received notice of imminent development on 3 sites, Golden Gate and Brussels on Juan Tabo and the "Catalyst" site on Tramway and Montgomery. In both cases the developers wish to work with Prairie Dog Pals for a humane relocation of the PDs.

It is our "plan" to begin trapping as soon as the PDs emerge from their hibernation, this would ideally be late March, but a number have already been spotted, so it may be earlier. We would follow up the trapping with flushing to clear the sites. We would need to trap on the sites for 7-10 days or until we've reached a point of diminishing returns (maybe shorter maybe longer). The trapping schedule would be dependent on a number of factors including the weather but generally would be from about 8 AM until 6 PM (with off time for PD inactivity).

We already have 2 volunteers but more are needed to spread the work. Please advise if you would be willing to volunteer, we'll work out schedules later, but for now we're just trying to develop a roster of names. Contact prairiedogpals@comcast.net


Help Relocate Prairie Dogs at Sunport

Many of you may already be aware of recent breaking news concerning the Sunport and the discovery that Sunport officials had commenced poisoning of prairie dogs there once again. Despite a ban on poisoning on city property, the Sunport chose poisoning over humane removal.

The Mayor has met with Sunport officials and stopped the poisoning once again. Prairie Ecosystems Associates and Prairie Dog Pals are willing to assist the Sunport, and will need lots of volunteers to help make this a successful relocation. Local members, regional supporters and advocates EVERYWHERE are urged to contact the Mayor¹s office and show support for the Mayor's ban on poisoning, by calling 768-3000 or communicating on-line @ mayor@cabq.gov.

Local members are urged to consider volunteering for what will be a big push to capture prairie dogs this year!