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State Bar Center, Albuquerque. 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Register online at www.nmbar.org. 7.2 CLE credits.

Steven M. Wise, legal scholar and best-selling author of Rattling The
Cage (2000) and Drawing The Line (2002), opens this full day seminar with an examination of how courts historically view the interests of nonhuman animals, how they should view those interests, and ways of persuading them to recognize those interests.

Focusing on the problem of securing legal recourse against animal cruelty, Joyce Tischler presents a model statute that allows citizens to sue to enjoin cruelty. David Thompson finishes the morning session with an examination of ways in which animal interests can be found within the jurisdiction of the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office. The afternoon begins with a discussion of animal interests in disaster planning: Jay Sabatucci, will explain the importance of including animals in disaster planning and operations, and Kate Rindy will illustrate this through a case study of the Cerro Grande Fire. Mayor Martin Chavez and Councilwoman Sally Mayer present the essential role of city government in protecting animal interests, through a discussion of Scooby’s Law and the Proposed Albuquerque Animal Ordinance. Finally, Denise Wilcox, Jeff Phillips, and Greg Wheeler, Esq. Join other speakers in a panel, moderated by Merry Stubblefield.