Hello -

On Wednesday evening, SB306 was tabled in the Senate Finance committee so we could work out some concerns the committee members had.   Some language was clarified and the bill was ammended in places to ensure the concerns of both committee members and other contingents, such as breeders and small communities, were taken into account.   The result is a bill that will work to help NM Animal Shelters, communities, citizens and animals!

Please take time to phone your Senators and Representatives and ask them to vote yes on SB306 and HB521 (the appropriation for the senate bill).   You can call the switchboard at 986-4300 to reach your legislators.   The Animal Sheltering Services Board only needs an appropriation of $250,000, which is very adequate and not burdensome to the budget - particularly when you look at all this Board will accomplish by creating shelter standards and licensing humane euthanasia providers.   

We hope to be the first on the Senate Finance Committee agenda this afternoon when the Senate Floor session is finished.   With your help and phone calls SB306 should be on the Senate Floor this weekend.   Visit www.apvnm.org if you don't know who your legislators are.  

Thank you for helping New Mexico's Animals.   Michele