Dear APNM Supporter,

Thanks to support from caring members across the state, our team has scored some big wins lately. That means good news for New Mexico animals and communities alike!

Domestic violence victims and their animals will continue to have access to life-saving services. Despite plummeting state revenues, Animal Protection Voters (APNM’s legislative arm) worked with New Mexico lawmakers to ensure continued funding for services to protect the human and animal victims of domestic abuse.

But this victory represents just one recent example of the hard-hitting and effective work we do every day to save animals’ lives and improve New Mexico’s communities:

  • Horse slaughter will remain banned in New Mexico, following a years-long court challenge of a Roswell meat company’s attempt to open a commercial horse slaughterhouse in that community. New Mexico’s attorney general, along with caring citizens and other partners, made it clear that there is no place for horse slaughter in our state. And to date APNM has helped 700 horses across the state with emergency feed, veterinary care, and other services.
  • After decades of battle by APNM and our partners, the days of holding, breeding, and using chimpanzees for invasive biomedical testing are finally over! Our Chimps to Sanctuary Fund helps give the hundreds of chimps still in research and lab settings the chance to reach sanctuary.
  • And, in March, we took the New Mexico Game Commission to court. APNM and our partners filed a legal challenge to the Commission’s appalling decision to expand cougar trapping on 9 million acres of public lands. This misguided rule jeopardizes not only cougars, including mothers with kittens, but also federally protected wildlife such as Mexican gray wolves and jaguars, as well as hikers and their dogs.

To keep this momentum going, we are reaching out to you with a special request...

We ask that you support us by joining our monthly giving program at just $5 or $10 a month. That’s less than 40¢ a day to stand strong for New Mexico wildlife, farmed animals, companion animals and animals used in cruel experiments.

We need your support. Just last week we learned of a Chimayo dog found dead on a trail with wounds to the neck and face, and his muzzle taped shut.

To help put an end to extreme animal cruelty like this, APNM raised $6,000 as a reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person who tortured and killed this dog. (If you see an animal being harmed or neglected, call APNM’s toll-free Animal Cruelty Hotline at 1-877-5-HUMANE.)

Help us keep our hotline and other programs alive and helping animals! When you join the Compassion Circle, you help ensure the security and support we need to continue this life-saving work.

Together, we can make humane the new normal in every New Mexico community. Please join the Compassion Circle today – let’s keep winning for animals everywhere in our state.

Thank you for all that you do.

Elisabeth Jennings

APNM Executive Director

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