All eyes are on Governor Martinez and the State Game Commission as New Mexicans resoundingly demand cougar protection

Final actions to take before the August 27th vote on cougar trapping proposals.

Two months ago, Animal Protection of New Mexico vowed to do everything in our power to oppose the NM Department of Game & Fish’s (NMDGF) proposal to unjustifiably kill more of our state’s mountain lions and radically expand the use of cruel traps to do so. Now, we are just two days away from the moment of truth.

EXCITING BREAKING NEWS: The broad, diverse opposition to NMDGF’s proposal to expand cougar trapping and hunting is reflected in a poll conducted by Remington Research Group in August 2015 that surveyed 1,098 registered New Mexico voters likely to vote in the 2016 General Election. When asked about unregulated cougar trapping and animal-killing contests on state trust lands as a way to increase state revenues, voters were opposed to these activities by more than a three-to-one margin. Similarly, a three-to-one margin of voters opposes the lifting of the permit requirement to trap cougar on private lands and opposes the practice of trapping in general. The opposition to NMDGF’s proposals cuts across all geographic regions and demographics, including party lines, race, and gender.

Thanks to the hard work of our supporters, volunteers, and coalition partners across the state, we have gathered nearly 6,000 signatures from New Mexico residents and tourists who oppose NMDGF’s proposals to expand cougar trapping and hunting. Media coverage across the state has called into question the agency’s decision to increase cougar hunting without any supportive science.

Let’s build the noise all the way up to the August 27th State Game Commission meeting where the 7-person panel, appointed by Governor Martinez, is set to vote on whether to approve NMDGF’s proposals.

Here’s What You Can Do:

  • Join us and other New Mexico advocates at the State Game Commission meeting on August 27th at the Santa Fe Community College at 8:30am. More details and RSVP here!

  • Contact Governor Susana Martinez right away and urge her to “direct the State Game Commission to reject Game & Fish’s proposal to expand cougar trapping and increase bag limits.” Call 505-476-2200 to leave a message with her staff, and then send a follow up email here. If you’d like some information on what to say feel free to explore the website for facts to use!

Let’s not let this moment pass us by without giving our all to protect our state’s wildlife from inhumane, unscientific management. Speak out today!

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