MILAGRO AWARDS 2015 - Honoring Champions for Animals on October 3!

Meet more of the 2015 Winners!

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of one of the biggest celebrations in animal rights! The 2015 Milagro Awards are only two weeks away! On October 3, 2015, APNM will honor the accomplishments of nine remarkable people, and one fantastic animal, who have performed miraculous acts on behalf of animals. Like you, they have made animal protection and welfare central to their lives, so we invite you to celebrate their accomplishments at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa in Bernalillo, NM!

It’s not too late to join the fun!

Tickets are still on sale at In addition to supporting these 2015 animal champions, you’ll enjoy gourmet vegan food, jazz music and a silent art auction. Watch compelling video vignettes that tell the stories of our winners’ accomplishments in animal protection.

Want your involvement to be more meaningful? You can SPONSOR one of THESE WINNERS:

At each Milagro Awards, we feature an Animal Award for exceptional animal courage and/or intelligence. This year the award goes to Jojo, a twelve-year old black Labrador mix who, in 2004, broke free from the chain that kept him constantly tethered. When he “rescued” his new forever human companion, Angela Stell, the chain was tightly wrapped around his neck, he was emaciated and had lost much of his fur. JoJo’s gentle nature, fierce determination and ability to work with other dogs was the inspiration for the 2011 founding of NMDOG, a non-profit rescue group focused on helping the most vulnerable dogs who have been chained, abused or abandoned. Jojo has accompanied the all-volunteer staff of NMDOG on countless rescue missions, “riding shotgun” in search of injured strays. He has played the leading role in video PSAs and other promotional material for the group, and has advanced the work of NMDOG at educational events at schools, nursing homes and safety classes.

The Direct Animal Services Award for efforts that directly improved the lives of animals and for alleviating the pain and suffering of companion animals, farm animals, livestock and/or wildlife, goes to Patty Mugan. Patty Mugan is the Shelter Supervisor and Transfer Coordinator for the Valencia County Animal Control Division. She began her work there in 2008 as a volunteer and initiated an animal transfer program she has streamlined over the years. Her “little idea” to get proper veterinary care and transport services for harder to adopt animals to out-of-state rescue groups has become a core program of the county shelter. Thanks to the program Patty developed, a lot of miles logged and late night transfers, the euthanasia rate of the Valencia County Shelter has dropped from 64% to 30%. That represents giving well over 2,000 dogs and cats each year a second chance at finding their forever home.

The Law Enforcement Award for exceptional commitment to the effective and timely enforcement of laws that protect animals goes to Ruben Lucero. Ruben Lucero served as an Animal Control Officer for the Pueblo of Isleta from 2009 to 2013. During his tenure there he was dedicated to changing practices and attitudes harmful to animals, and to building public awareness about the plight of animals and animal suffering. Throughout the years he built alliances and increased resources for fellow officers, children and the public. Ruben sought training for himself and other officers through the National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA) and the National Animal Cruelty Investigations School with the Law Enforcement Training Institute through the University of Missouri. With the help of the Indian Health Service and Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue, he set up vaccination and low cost spay/neuter clinics for the Pueblo. He also worked to strengthen the Pueblo’s Animal Control Ordinance, which imposes stiffer fines and penalties for animal cruelty.

The Media Award, for spotlighting animal issues with courage, creativity and integrity, goes to Jenny Rabinowitz. Jenny Rabinowitz is the host of “Animal Talk,” a program about existing and emerging animal policies on KSFR-FM Santa Fe, northern New Mexico’s public radio station. Jenny, a clinical social worker, moved to New Mexico in 2009 and began volunteering for animal welfare nonprofits, which inspired her to propose the program in 2013. Jenny has used the “air time” to spotlight numerous state and local animal issues ranging from spay/neuter funding, companion animal overpopulation, animal shelter improvement needs, horse slaughter, animal killing contests, animal trapping and so much more. She has also covered national/international issues such as commercial whaling, animal trafficking and animal experimentation and research. She addresses these issues with courage, creativity and journalistic integrity. Jenny recruits to the program a diverse set of guests that represent New Mexico and the nation. From policymakers to shelter managers to mental health professionals, Jenny’s interviews have proven to be a powerful driver of public awareness and a catalyst for positive change in New Mexico.

Want your business to reach out to hundreds of New Mexico animal lovers? Businesses and individuals can sponsor 2015 Milagro Awards by becoming an underwriter for this unique event. Show your support for New Mexico’s heroes for the animals by sponsoring a winner. You can also underwrite the printed program for the event and advertise your business prominently. There are many other sponsorship and advertising opportunities available. Find out more by downloading our Sponsorship Commitment Form here. THERE’S STILL TIME! Call Daniel at (505) 265-2322, ext. 32 or email to


The 2015 Milagro Awards is on October 3rd at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa. Individual tickets are $100. APNM members receive a 10% discount. Visit or call Daniel at (505) 265-2322, ext. 32.


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