The 2015 Milagro Awards are just around the corner -- THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! On October 3,2015, APNM will honor the accomplishments of nine remarkable people, and one fantastic animal, who have made animal protection and welfare central to their lives, and have performed miraculous acts on behalf of animals. Please join us to celebrate their accomplishments at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa in Bernalillo New Mexico!

Get your last minute ticket by Tuesday, September 29!

Tickets are still on sale at By participating in this event, which only happens every four years, you support the dedication and determination of our ten amazing winners. Watch compelling video vignettes as you enjoy gourmet vegan food, jazz music and a silent art auction.

Meet more of our 2015 Winners:

The Board of Directors’ Award, for lifelong commitment to animal rights, goes to Sena Fitzpatrick. Sena Fitzpatrick has been an active animal advocate in the Gallup/Four Corners region of New Mexico for over three decades. As a volunteer for the McKinley County Humane Society in Gallup, she has brought her passion and individual resources to bear to significantly better the lives of companion animals in an area of the state marked by poverty, unemployment and lack of services. She has successfully organized spay/neuter and vaccination programs for low-income families, and often drives animals to and from the clinic herself. She has reported numerous cruelty cases in the region over the decades, and has directly assisted with animal transportation in hoarding cases. Sena has been a champion for equine protection, ensuring numerous stray and starving horses were provided care at the local shelter. In 2013, Sena gathered 17 foals orphaned in a horse roundup and secured sanctuary for the animals, which would surely have gone to slaughter in Mexico.

The Humane Citizen Award, for efforts by a private citizen to promote the humane treatment of animals using a variety of approaches and methods, goes to Mary Katherine Ray. Mary Katherine Ray has been a true grassroots animal advocate for wildlife protection for decades. Mary Katherine is particularly active in efforts to ban cruel body gripping traps and poisons on New Mexico’s public lands. She began volunteering with the Sierra Club when her dogs were almost caught in trap that shut so tightly she would not have been able to open it. Her involvement deepened when she encountered a coyote caught in a leg-hold trap. By the time Mary Katherine could get back with additional help for the animal, the coyote had escaped the trap, leaving behind her paw in its jaws. With a BS in biology, extensive knowledge of New Mexico Department Game and Fish rules and practices, and a passion for wildlife, she has served as an expert witness before House committees debating wildlife legislation and has testified at numerous Game Commission hearings. Mary Katherine has helped gather many thousands of petition signatures against the use of traps for the Trap Free New Mexico coalition. Those who work with Mary Katherine describe her as tenacious and unwavering, but also soft-spoken, respectful and modest.

The Mary Jane Garcia Champion for Animals Award, for exceptional leadership, courage and persistence in the face of opposition, resulting in positive change for animals, goes to Maryln Zahler. Maryln Zahler was the former Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Humane Society of Southern New Mexico, and was recently designated as its Director Emeritus. Maryln’s contribution to the protection and welfare of New Mexico’s animals has been diverse and extensive. She initiated a low-cost spay/neuter program in Las Cruces and has served on New Mexico’s Animal Sheltering Board’s Finance Committee. She has worked extensively with the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Animal Control Department to improve its animal holding facilities and helped secure a mobile emergency surgical van to assist with disaster response and animal hoarding cases. She was among the early participants on a community team to revise the Doña Ana County Animal Control Ordinance, the passage of which eliminated many outdated and unenforceable rules. Senator Mary Jane Garcia will be attending the 2015 Milagro Awards to present the award in person to Maryln! Don’t miss it!

Want your business to reach out to hundreds of New Mexico animal lovers? Businesses and individuals can sponsor 2015 Milagro Awards by becoming an underwriter for this unique event. Show your support for New Mexico’s heroes for the animals by sponsoring a winner. You can also underwrite the printed program for the event and advertise your business prominently. There are many other sponsorship and advertising opportunities available. Find out more by downloading our Sponsorship Commitment Form here. THERE’S STILL TIME! Call Daniel at (505) 265-2322, ext. 32 or email to

Don’t miss a an extensive silent auction featuring the animal artwork of long-time animal advocate and local artist Florence Krick-Jimenez – only at the 2015 Milagro Awards!


The 2015 Milagro Awards is on October 3rd at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa. Individual tickets are $100. APNM members receive a 10% discount. Visit or call Daniel at (505) 265-2322, ext. 32.



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