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We need your help to reach our June 30th deadline

Norma Jean and Jolee were in trouble. These beloved horses live in Grants, but their family was facing a dire financial lapse after the father lost his job. The Equine Protection Fund’s Emergency Feed Program came to the rescue and provided two months of hay, allowing the family to keep feeding Norma Jean and Jolee until the family could get back on its feet. All throughout New Mexico, families are struggling to care for horses due to drought, the high cost of hay, the downturn in the economy and other factors.


Jolee and Norma Jean received feed assistance through the Equine Fund.

In response to evident need in our community, the Equine Fund, part of New Mexico’s safety net for needy horses, donkeys, and mules, was given an amazing opportunity by a generous foundation; a dollar-for-dollar matching grant bringing double the help for hungry equines! We need your help now to match this grant before the June 30th deadline.

Don’t Let Me Down is the Equine Protection Fund’s new crowd funding campaign in partnership with, a crowdfunding website that helps animal nonprofits raise money for critically needed projects. Crowdfunding is a fun way for you to help raise money for New Mexico’s hungry horses. For a donation as small as $10 you can make a huge difference at the Equine Protection Fund.

If you’ve never contributed to the Equine Protection Fund, this is a perfect time to join the network of New Mexicans and Americans committed to humane solutions for suffering horses. If you are a current donor to the Equine Protection Fund, we thank you for your continued support and encourage you to share this new fundraising goal with friends and family.


Any amount helps us to reach our goal of raising $5,000 before June 30th, but if you can make a donation of at least $55 the Equine Fund will send you the 2015 Limited Edition Fifth Anniversary Equine Protection Fund calendar featuring the beauty and majesty of horses, donkeys, and mules captured by equine artists who showcase their work in NM galleries.

Here’s all you need to do….

1. Visit and read about our project. We are trying to raise $5,000 to match a challenge grant before June 30th to
provide hay and grain for hungry horses, like Ace, Dreamer, Norma Jean and Jolee featured in this campaign.

2. Click on the donate button and give as much as you feel comfortable providing.

3. Tell your friends. Our project has links to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

4. Sit back and watch our project get funded and know that you made it happen. Super cool!

2014’s Equine Fund project raised over $3,600 to assist ten horses in New Mexico’s equine rescue facilities. Through the generosity of compassionate individuals, horses like Ace and Dreamer -- victims of neglect and abuse -- were given lifesaving feed assistance, veterinary care and gelding assistance, offering them a second chance in a forever home. 

Thanks again for all your support. We really appreciate your help and we thank you for participating in this wonderful new technology to ensure deserving horses, donkeys and mules receive the care they need and deserve!

If you prefer donating by mail, or to help save on credit card processing costs for larger donations, please send a check made out to “APNM”, with “EPF” in the check memo, and mail it to APNM, P. O. Box 11395, Albuquerque, NM 87192.

We all know how great it feels to be able to give a contribution to something we care about. Humans have a wonderful capacity for sharing, caring and empathy. On top of what we have experienced ourselves, there is scientific evidence that the practice of giving is physically good for you! With your gift, we will keep making real change for horses like Ace, Dreamer, Norma Jean, and Jolee.

Thank you!

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