The Equine Fund is facing a deadline and needs your help

Our challenge grant from The Pond Foundation has been matched, with each donation (THANK YOU!) doubled to ensure that every horse, donkey, and mule receives the feed and veterinary care he or she needs in times of stress.


But if you haven’t given yet, it’s not too late! Our fundraiser in coordination with is on for a few more days. Each and every contribution goes directly toward a hungry or needy horse or their long-eared cousin, so please don't hesitate in joining the New Mexico army for equine welfare:

The next two challenge grants given to the Equine Fund are still ongoing. The first challenge grant applies to immediate equine direct services and the second challenge grant applies to future direct services through the Equine Protection Fund's Endowment. We want to make sure the Equine Fund’s lifesaving programs are available to New Mexico equines for years to come!

Please join dozens of donors from New Mexico and across the country help horses and make sure that horse slaughter has no place in our state, It’s so easy to donate – just go to our fundraiser or, if you prefer donating by mail, please send a check made out to “APNM”, with “EPF NOW or EPF FUTURE” in the check memo, and mail it to APNM, P. O. Box 11395, Albuquerque, NM 87192.

If you can make a donation of at least $55 the Equine Fund will send you one of the last 2015 Limited Edition Fifth Anniversary Equine Protection Fund wall calendars featuring the beauty and majesty of horses, donkeys and mules captured by equine artists who showcase their work in NM galleries.


Thanks again for all your support. We really appreciate that we can reach out to you, our supporters, to make sure that deserving horses, donkeys and mules receive the care they need and deserve!

Thank you!

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