What do big victories feel like?

In the midst of the holiday hustle, please join us to reflect on and celebrate some of the biggest 2015 wins for animals! Because of our dedicated staff, volunteers, allies and supporters in 2015, Animal Protection of New Mexico moved mountains for animals of all kinds. Savor the good feeling that’s only possible because YOU are playing a key part of awesome, compassionate change!

In partnership with the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence, we’ve responded to 97 calls for help from families to protect their animals from violence at home and provided direct assistance to 35 families and 90 animals since July 2014.

Our Companion Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) program provides safe, temporary housing to animals while families seek shelter and services to build a life free from domestic violence. Often the most brutal cases of animal cruelty are tied to domestic violence, making CARE lifesaving and life-changing for both people and animals. This program only exists because of incredible community support, but the need continues to grow.

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After more than 20 years of advocacy by APNM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins announced his agency will no longer support keeping or testing on chimps in labs.

Now the NIH is focused on increasing the numbers of chimpanzees in sanctuaries. The first to be moved are the 20 New Mexico chimps who have been held at a facility in Texas. A huge, “THANK YOU!” to our US Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich for years of effective work for chimps and for all of us. Be sure to save the date for a Chimp Freedom Party on March 26, 2016!

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Our highly sought-after education program, The Animal Connection, exceeded its latest fundraising goal! After a year of success engaging students across New Mexico, we can continue our commitment to underserved communities in 2016!

When APNM announced this fall we needed to raise $5000 to make sure our instructors could teach underserved kids about compassion and kindness to animals next semester, volunteers and donors came through in a big way. Thank you to everyone for sharing our dedication to helping children get powerful, relevant humane education that will nurture their compassion next year and beyond.

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The Equine Protection Fund has helped more than 700 horses, donkeys and mules across New Mexico!

Flashback to 2007, when there was no statewide, coordinated help for equines in need, and compare that to this year, when our Equine Protection Fund helped with everything from providing animal control officers with assistance to care for horses rescued from a hoarding situation, to gelding stallions rescued from a gruesome slaughter death. To protect every horse in need, we’re fundraising for a special $2 million Equine Protection Fund endowment. (Equine photo by Jill Fineberg)

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As a caring person, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the callousness and cruelty that exists in this world, and even wonder if there’s any way to have hope. Please know that your support of Animal Protection of New Mexico not only means you have a big heart, but also means your actions directly create positive change that is felt every day. You are a part of our dedicated community with a track record for not just "talking the talk," but also digging in to do the hard work of protecting animals.

Thank you for supporting us through your gifts – your calls, letters, volunteer hours and donations – as we strategically target, end and prevent cruelty and suffering. We appreciate you because these big victories couldn’t have happened without your help!

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