Thirty-Five Years of Powerful, Positive Change

Jo and Norma Jean are two beloved horses who might have been sold for slaughter if APNM’s Equine Protection Fund had not been able to come to the rescue for their family who was in financial trouble. But APNM was there for them all.


Sandy escaped a violent home and is now able to get her life back in order while her cats are in a temporary safe haven, thanks to APNM’s Companion Animal Rescue Effort program and network that sprang into action in just 20 minutes.

These and hundreds of other compelling stories are the positive outcomes of Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM)’s work during 2014. APNM recently published its 2014 Annual Report, a comprehensive look at its 35th year working for New Mexico’s animals and those who care about them. Our members and supporters should take enormous pride in the achievements covered in the report, because what we accomplish is a direct result of our donors’ involvement and participation on many levels.

The report features a timeline since 1979, providing an exhaustive account of animal-related practices and policies that have changed for the better because of APNM’s advocacy efforts. Reviewing that timeline can help readers realize that meaningful change can and does happen when passionate voices are coupled with effective strategies and tactics.


Powerful Programs

Each of APNM’s lifesaving programs is highlighted in the Annual Report, describing the animal and human lives that have benefited. Read about Princess Yasmine, a beautiful Doberman rescued from severe neglect in Artesia and adopted into a loving, forever home because of APNM’s Animal Cruelty hotline. Learn more about APNM’s CARE program that in just six months helped 12 people and their 30 animals escape from a violent home. Marvel at the Equine Protection Fund’s capacity to have helped 62 equines and their 21 families struggling to take care of their horses, donkeys and mules over the course of the year.

Be amazed at APNM’s The Animal Connection program that reached over 800 elementary students to teach about compassion for animals in 2014. Feel grateful that because of APNM’s Securing Sanctuary for Chimpanzees program, no new invasive research projects using chimpanzees were approved in the entire United States. Be motivated to speak up with APNM and its lobbying arm, Animal Protection Voters (APV), because in 2014 at least 19 killing contests took place in seven New Mexican counties, and these grotesque spectacles need to stop.

Know that your important voice does matter and is in fact changing our state for the better for animals. In 2014, three programs to help New Mexico’s animals were given meaningful funding by legislators after APV lobbied for monies for cat and dog spay/neuter, for horse programs, and for victims of domestic violence and their animals to safely escape a violent home. 

Most importantly, APNM’s Annual Report lays out a vision for the next ten years that is not only morally imperative but also is achievable. That vision, Making Humane the New Normal, will be our road map and call to action for our supporters in the coming years.

Please think about how involved you are in this life-affirming work that makes our communities more humane and more livable, and consider doing more if you can. Both our Albuquerque and Santa Fe offices always need dedicated volunteers to help with all aspects of our work. Consider that the outcomes of our programs and campaigns are only limited by the funding we receive for them. If you’re not a member of APNM and APV, please join both APNM and APV, each organization focuses on its own important aspect of animal protection efforts in New Mexico. And if you are a member, but could give monthly, we would love to call you our newest member of APNM’s Compassion Circle, our monthly donor club. 

Thank you for all you do to elevate animal issues in our state and help us ensure that animals matter in every New Mexican community!

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