One Special Day of Giving in New Mexico

Remember the Animals on May 6th! Introducing Give Grande New Mexico

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Community Foundations, The Community Foundation Coalition of New Mexico (Coalition), comprised of the Albuquerque, Taos, Southern New Mexico, New Mexico and Santa Fe Community Foundations, is supporting New Mexico to participate in a national day of community giving. The nationwide initiative, Give Local America, also takes place May 6, 2014. Over 100 communities across the US, with the help of their own community foundations, will host local giving events to support local causes and organizations. Each local gift will be amplified with dollars from a national incentive pool of funds, plus New Mexico will also have its own, additional incentive prizes!

Give Grande

Nonprofit organizations in New Mexico will be able to participate in this historical, community-giving event. This 24-hour event, led by the Coalition, will raise as much money as possible for our local nonprofits via easy-to-use online fundraising. It will reignite the spirit of giving in our communities and provide opportunities for statewide nonprofits to get their creative juices flowing, while creating fun, engaging events for donors, old and new.

Make Animals Matter on May 6th!

Of the 293 non-profit organizations participating in this organized day of giving, only 14 are animal related. Together, we can show New Mexico’s commitment to making animals matter in our communities by boosting support for the underrepresented animal groups. Here’s a couple great ways to start:

On May 6, 2014, visit and click ‘LEADERBOARD’ on the green navigation bar at the top to find the participating non-profits. Then:

Choose APNM as your gift designee
Choose EPF as your gift designee
Or better yet, select both! Anyone with a credit card and access to the internet can participate on May 6th with a minimum donation of $10 and be a part of this state and national day of philanthropy. To learn more about Give Grand New Mexico, check out the program’s Donor Frequently Asked Questions.

Mark Your Calendars and Spread the Word

Give Grande

Crowdfunding, or crowdsourcing is catching on as another tool in the non-profit toolbox that helps charitable organizations achieve their fundraising goals and missions. Give Grande New Mexico’s success will be dependent on the actions we all take to get the word out. Use Give Grande information and the logo on your personal Facebook pages liberally. Print up posters and post them at your office. Ask your local stores and vendors to display them in windows and break rooms. Tell friends, family and colleagues to set a reminder in their calendars for May 6th 2014 – 24 hours to fund your passion.

The motto for the national effort, Give Local America, is "One Day. Every Person. Your Community." Let’s change it up to acknowledge every being in our community that needs our help.

One day. Every person. Every Animal. Our Communities.


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Give Grande NM DONOR FAQs

APNM’s Give Grande Page (VISIT THIS ON MAY 6, 2014!)

Equine Protection Fund’s Give Grande Page (VISIT THIS ON MAY 6, 2014!)

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