As APNM takes a short breather from our exciting 35th year, we find there is much to celebrate from the latest trip around the Sun. We are deeply grateful to all our members, donors, and supporters. Together we are saving animals’ lives and creating a kinder, more compassionate future.

In 2014, our organization achieved remarkable milestones and developed unprecedented partnerships with state agencies, local leadership, and national groups to improve the lives of New Mexico’s animals. Additionally, 2014 was a year of growth for APNM, and we are excited about our increased capacity and ability to make a difference in the lives of animals in 2015 and beyond. None of this could have been done without dedicated support from our friends, colleagues, and associates--please join us in honoring some of the nonhuman and human creatures who touched our lives this year.


Our partners in the NM Coalition Against Domestic Violence and everyone who has opened up their home to victims of abuse via the CARE Network.

The Pond Foundation and the anonymous donor behind the Equine Protection Fund matching grants, plus Banfield Charitable Trust for their ongoing support of the Emergency Feed Assistance program. Together we’ve helped over 600 horses.

Animal Protection Voters’ legislative champions Senator Richard Martinez, Senator George Muñoz, and Senator Nancy Rodriguez who helped ensure funding to save the lives of dogs, cats, and horses all across our state.

Horse activist Lacie Bizzell

Providers of low-cost spay/neuter services

Students & teachers of The Animal Connection in Valencia, Bernalillo, and Santa Fe counties

Survivors of animal cruelty—border collies Rain & Bo (pictured here), terrier mix Fonzi, chihuahuas Gilligan & Skipper, and the unnamed Santa Fe heeler

The late state Representatives Max Coll & Phillip Archuleta

Matthew Pepper, for his service as Director of Bernalillo County's Animal Care Services, and his successor Misha Goodman

Champions of living horses fighting off horse slaughter in 2014

Dedicated activists organized to protect our precious wildlife from the horrors of trapping and killing contests

Brave whistleblowers and reformers to protect horses from ongoing cruelty in horseracing, including Senator Tom Udall

The ASPCA, for its support of APNM’s shelter programs

Our generous event hosts, especially Barker Realty (Animals & Architecture 2014), BODY (APV Meet & Greet), Gertrude Zachary Jewelry & Antiques plus others (The Secret Garden), Hanselmann Pottery (APV party), and Judy Paulsen (Equine Protection Fund party)

The five teenagers who saved the life of Lily the dog

Members of New Mexico's Animal Sheltering Board

Stella’s Sugar Shack, sponsor Joan McMahon, and the contributing artists to the 2015 “Five Years of the Equine Protection Fund” calendar

Each and every one of the 117 chimpanzees newly retired to sanctuary at Chimp Haven

Our wonderful donors, our awesome interns, and our amazing volunteers

Everyone who has attended an event, made a phone call or written a letter on behalf of animals!

We value your ongoing support and we’ll see you again in 2015!

Thank you for sharing this remarkable year with us and please stay in touch by email, on Facebook (APNM, APV, Equine Fund, & Shelter Savvy), and Twitter (APNM & APV).





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