Speak Up and Say No To Horse Slaughter

USDA Grants Controversial and Fiercely-Opposed Inspection to Valley Meat

Stop horse slaughter
New Mexicans want a robust safety net for horses, not horse slaughter!

Today the USDA announced that it is granting the controversial inspection to Valley Meat in Roswell, despite fierce opposition from almost every corner of New Mexico. A poll revealed 70% of New Mexicans are opposed to horse slaughter, and a host of NM policy-makers have weighed in against horse slaughter, including US Senators Udall and Heinrich, US Representatives Luján and Lujan Grisham, Governor Martinez, Attorney General Gary King, and State Lands Commissioner Dr. Ray Powell, Jr. Most New Mexicans understand that there is no such thing as humane horse slaughter.

USDA is not required to grant the inspection, and has many reasons not to do so. USDA has apparently ignored the following facts:

  • The Roswell plant's owner is a convicted felon, which fact alone is grounds for denial of his application.
  • Federal and state law requires that horses slaughtered for food cannot have been given any of over 100 chemicals/drugs that would render the meat unsafe for human consumption. It is not sufficient for USDA's residue tests to simply show no residue of the dangerous chemicals. The horses have to have never been given them. This is virtually impossible to guarantee and so any horse meat from American horses is therefore adulterated and illegal to sell.

Despite USDA's ill-advised approval, the controversial plant has not received from the NM Environment Department the water permit required because of the dangerous and substantial waste that is emitted from horse slaughter plants. Without this permit, the plant is not permitted to operate.


1) Contact the NM Environment Department and politely urge them NOT to approve the water permit for Valley Meat, using the arguments outlined above.

Ryan Flynn, Cabinet Secretary-Designate
NM Environment Department
1190 S St Francis Dr.
Ste. N4050
Santa Fe, NM 87505
email: ryan.flynn@state.nm.us

2) Politely ask Governor Martinez at the link below to help stop this permit:

Click here to email the governor and make your voice heard!



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