Reflecting On This Year's Accomplishments, Partnerships, and Supporters for Animals

ASPCA Awards Their 1,000th Grant of 2013 to APNM

The winter holiday season is upon us and 2013 is quickly coming to an end. We at APNM have much to be thankful for. We ask that you please take a moment to reflect with us.

Many thanks go to our individual donors, foundation donors and partners who this year have expanded their commitment to support many of APNM's critical programs. These include the Animals and Society Institute, the New Mexico Community Foundation (Equine Protection Fund), the ASPCA® and many other foundations and organizations.

In fact, in September Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM) was the fortunate recipient of the 1,000th grant the ASPCA® awarded in 2013, receiving $60,000 to support APNM's Animal Sheltering Assistance Program. Through this grant, APNM's animal shelter program manager can continue to provide critical guidance to resource-challenged animal shelters across New Mexico.

New Mexico's shelters benefit every day from the ASPCA-supported Animal Shelter Assistance Program.

"The ASPCA is fortunate to have the opportunity to support the dynamic work of Animal Protection of New Mexico," said Karen Medicus, senior director of community initiatives. "While we celebrate the significance of providing our 1,000th grant in 2013, it is also a reminder that there is still much work to be done in the animal welfare space. The ASPCA takes great pride in our ability to help agencies across the country provide critical services that enhance the quality of life for the animals in their communities."

The full media release can be viewed here.

As we approach 2014, APNM staff are also excited to announce and give our thanks for our renewed partnership with the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NMCADV). NMCADV will be working with APNM to help strengthen our CARE Network and expand our capacity to coordinate safe havens and related services for the companion animals of domestic violence victims.

Great appreciation goes to the many community leaders, organizations and animal advocates across New Mexico who are building their own partnerships with APNM and working tirelessly to address a variety of local animal concerns, from upgrading their local animal shelter to creating emergency animal response teams.

Thank you to NM Department of Corrections, NM Children, Youth & Families Department, NM Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management, NM Department of Agriculture, and other state, county and local agencies who are taking the lead to include animals among their priorities for law enforcement, human services and emergency response.

We also thank those individuals who have signed on to become ambassadors for the six new fundraising committees we have established this year. Thanks to those who have agreed to reach out to their own personal and professional connections and help raise funds for the Equine Program, the Humane Education Program, the CARE Network, Chimps to Sanctuary Program, the Animal Cruelty Hotline and the committee to support our organizational infrastructure needs!

Our deepest gratitude to YOU and every individual like you helping to make every New Mexican community a better place for people and animals. Thank you for every dollar you can donate, for every hour you can volunteer, for every letter you write to your legislators, every petition you sign, and every action you take to promote more humane treatment of animals, stronger laws against animal cruelty, and more positive and proactive solutions to the daunting and complex issues that affect the well-being of equines, companion animals and wildlife.

As the winter holiday season begins, please consider giving as much as you can to help APNM continue our important work for all New Mexico's animals. If there's a program that's especially important to you, such as the CARE Network, Humane Education or Ending Horse Slaughter or Killing Contests, please indicate that with your donation.

If you'd like, please contact APNM to let us know what about APNM you're most grateful for! We'd love to hear from you, so contact us.


ASPCA press release

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