They Are Service Animals, Athletes, Companions:
Horses Should Not Be Slaughtered

What You Can Do


The most urgent matter before New Mexicans is to make sure a horse slaughter plant is not established in our state. The New Mexico members of Congress need to understand that this issue matters to you and that they must take action immediately:

  1. Urge both your U.S. Senators (Udall and Heinrich) and your U.S. Representative to tell the U.S.D.A. that horse slaughter is not a solution, and we don't want it in New Mexico.
  2. Ask them to support the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act. The SAFE Act (S. 541/H.R. 1094) will implement a national ban on both the slaughter of horses and the transport of horses to slaughter.

Sen. Tom Udall
505-346-6791, 575-526-5475,

Sen. Martin Heinrich
505-346-6601, 575-523-6561,

Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham
505-346-6781, 202-225-6316

Rep. Steve Pearce
1-855-473-2723, 202-225-2365

Rep. Ben Ray Lujàn
505-984-8950, 202-225-6190

Comments in your own words are the best, but here are some important talking points about why horse slaughter makes no sense in America:

Limited Federal Dollars: It is outrageous that the federal government would consider diverting funds away from the food inspection services that protect what we eat in America, in order to establish regulations for a brutal industry that most Americans don't want, and which only benefits foreign interests.

Food Safety Concerns: Because of the pervasive presence in horse flesh of substances that are known to be unsafe for human consumption, meat from American horses is not fit to eat. Spending our limited federal funds on regulations for a cruel industry without a market is wasteful and foolhardy.

New Mexicans Want Humane Solutions, Not Slaughter: New Mexico values its horses for what they bring our state as living creatures, not as flesh wrapped in plastic for unknown markets.

  1. Submit a Letter to the Editor (LTE) to your local newspaper so others who care about humane treatment of horses can benefit from what you know. For many people, LTE's are the first thing they read!

Thank you for standing up for horses in New Mexico, and for helping prevent a tragic move towards horse slaughter in the United States.


Living Horses Are Our Heritage


There is no disputing that horses have been an integral part of humans' survival and well-being for centuries: Essential for transportation, farming, and even serving as compatriots in war. Today, horses continue to play a key role in New Mexico: As companions, teachers, healers, qualified service animals, athletes and participants in many kinds of competitions. Indeed, Americans today have a unique and enduring relationship with their horses, whom they value as living, breathing, thriving beings, not as flesh measured and sold by the pound.

Say No To Horses By The Pound

There is a small and powerful group of people who would prefer to see horses become pure commodities for their flesh, which can be exploited after the last ounce of use has otherwise been made of these iconic creatures. It doesn't matter to them what role horses have played, from where they came, or why. All that matters is that they can make a fast buck off of the horses one last time. Race horses, faithful farm horses, wild horses, miniature ponies who help those with disabilities: They are all fair game to those who see them only in terms of dollars and cents. And given the fact that there is no market for horses who are given drugs, there is a dark prediction that breeding horses specifically for slaughter is the real intent behind opening a horse slaughterhouse in New Mexico.

No Accountability and No Responsibility by Equine Industries


Horse-flesh opportunists are being propped up by people and entire industries that, with few exceptions, have failed to take responsibility for rampant breeding, and have not insisted on a standard of humane disposition of their horses. Instead, humane euthanasia of horses by a licensed veterinarian should be expected. After all, humane euthanasia of homeless dogs and cats is employed every day in every corner of New Mexico. Our horses deserve the same consideration when there are no homes for them.

Horse Slaughter Has Never and Will Never Be An Answer

For decades, some people have relied on the crutch of horse slaughter. They have "conveniently" disposed of the horses they have chosen to discard, without worrying about where the horses end up or the suffering they endure on the way. But the reality is that even while horse slaughter plants operated in the U.S., horses were still being shipped to Mexico for slaughter. Horse slaughter never solved the homeless horse problem. On the contrary, it ensures this problem will continue.

When horse slaughter plants in the U.S. shut down, the view towards slaughter only got clearer. After about a half century, Americans now have had to look this gruesome reality straight in the eye and see it for all its ugliness. Many people try to make us "look over there" at the horrific horse slaughter in Mexico, but horse slaughter in the U.S. has been and always will be inhumane; It is inherently so because of the nature of horses.

Who Is Responsible For An Equine Safety Net?


America in general, and New Mexico in particular, must do more for our horses, who give so much to our lives and our economy. If there are no homes for them, then at the very least these horses deserve a final disposition that is painless and free from fear. That can never be the case with horse slaughter. Adopting humane dispositions for horses is feasible, but it requires determination. The numbers are not beyond our reach.


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