Announcing Shelter Savvy:
Online Communication for Offline Success

Providing Resources and Support for Animal Shelters, Animal Care and
Control Agencies, Rescues, Transporters, Advocates and Volunteers
  Shelter Savvy
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Animal Protection of New Mexico is pleased to announce Shelter Savvy - two new, online destinations devoted to a single cause: helping New Mexico's animal sheltering community. Visit the new web pages and

APNM created Shelter Savvy specifically for animal shelter professionals, animal law enforcement officers, transporters, advocates and volunteers. Shelter Savvy is New Mexico's only comprehensive, interactive source of funding and training opportunities, technical assistance and ideas for improvement.

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Click below to check out the ten Shelter Savvy Sections on APNM's web site and let us hear from you! (You can tell us your comments and questions at the end of each page.)


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The Shelter Savvy Facebook page is an easy way to find, share and offer advice to help improve the lives of companion animals in New Mexico. Whether lost, stray and homeless animals are part of your professional life or part of your volunteer activities, we hope everyone will join the conversation. Share specific ideas and methods to help our communities succeed in making shelter improvements, improving public access to spay/neuter programs, increasing adoptions and more.

APNM encourages productive communication from everyone working in New Mexico's animal welfare community. Shelter Savvy is a place for everyone to share success stories and inspire one another. Building on our common goals, we can work together and succeed in making New Mexico a leader in the world of animal sheltering.