Last Chance to Support The Animal Connection on Redcapes!

Online campaign almost over -- we still need your help to connect kids with animals!

The Animal Connection includes the use of registered therapy dog teams, who interact with the children to help build empathy for animals and teach safety skills. Here Educational Outreach Director, Sherry Mangold, facilitates a moment between a student and Rico -- this is the first time the boy had ever touched a dog.

FINAL COUNTDOWN! There are only FIVE days left to help APNM reach its fundraising goal on the crowdfunding site. We're trying to raise $4,000 to expand our highly-requested humane education program, The Animal Connection, to include sixty more students in Albuquerque area schools. The campaign, started in October has reached just over half of its goal. We need your help TODAY to push this crowdfunding effort and meet goal!


Fundraising is a part of the daily routine at APNM. Non-profit organizations must always find new and creative ways to seek funding for their programs. Crowdfunding websites are a small part of the strategy. In the case of humane education in New Mexico, we're especially motivated. Here's why:


New Mexico Animal Welfare Challenges: December, 2012 -- In the longest running and most comprehensive report of its kind, the Animal Legal Defense Fund ranked New Mexico among the top five worst states for animals and the laws that protect them. The study, cited, among New Mexico's weaknesses, no felony penalties for animal neglect, weak law enforcement authority for Animal Control and Welfare Officers, no restrictions on animal ownership for convicted felons, and no increased penalties for animal abuse committed in the presence of children.
New Mexico's Youth Welfare Challenges: June, 2013 -- New Mexico Voices for Children reports that New Mexico has fallen to 50th in the nation in overall child well-being according to the 2013 National KIDS COUNT Data Book. The report measured indicators in the categories of economic security, health and education. Today, 31% of New Mexico Children live in poverty. And with 79% of 4th grade students below proficiency in reading, 76% of 8th grade students below proficiency in math, and 33% of high school students failing to graduate on time, the possibility of escaping poverty through educational advancement seems bleak for so many. Poverty and educational challenges are compounded by other factors such as teen pregnancy and teen drug use.
Rico the Wonderdog wants to help bring humane education to New Mexico students, but he's running out of time! Go to and contribute to The Animal Connection Project found in the project category 'Animals.' Help Rico reach out to New Mexico kids!


You can help bring students and animals together for a learning experience that will improve student academics and foster an ethic of kindness to animals. Let's move New Mexico forward as a state that prioritizes child and animal well-being!

Please help spread the word! There are only a few days left!


Here's how YOU can be a superhero:



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