APNM Joins Planet Green to Recycle Inkjet Cartridges and Small Electronics
Help Support APNM While Helping to Keep Tons of e-Waste Out of Landfills


We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Planet Green to launch an e-Waste recycling program. You or your business can participate three ways to benefit APNM. Get started by going to the APNM page on the Planet Green website: planetgreenrecycle.com/apnm

From there you can:

  1. Download a pre-paid shipping label. Collect from friends, family, colleagues and office mates about 20 items including inkjet cartridges, cell phones, or any of the small electronics that you see on the list below. Place them in a box and mail to Planet Green. Depending on the nature of the items, APNM will receive a check for $40 to $75!
  2. Inkjet Cartridges / Cell Phones /Pagers /iPods /MP3 Players
    Digital Cameras / Video Cameras / iPads / Tablets /e-Book Readers
    GPS Devices /Radar Detectors / Video Games /Consoles & Accessories
  3. Purchase re-manufactured cartridges.  Planet Green is one of the largest ink cartridge re-manufacturers in the world.  100% of their products are re-manufactured in the US.  Prices are a fraction of retail, and 15% of the purchase price is donated to APNM!

  4. Sign up for their newsletter. Planet Green will automatically donate $1 to APNM!

It’s easy and economical…..

APNM receives a donation!

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