National Media Outlets Demonstrate Animals Matter

From Horses to Orcas, Americans Care

Horses Take the Stage, Again
Animal Protection of New Mexico’s (APNM) very own Phil Carter, Equine Campaign Manager, was featured on the PBS NewsHour on Wednesday, October 16, emphasizing that there is no such thing as humane horse slaughter. The compelling piece articulated that Americans in general and New Mexicans in specific respect and value living horses, and they are hungry for humane solutions.

Coverage by television, radio and print media continues to underscore the concern people have for equines and the quality of their lives. New Mexico's 'The Horse Shelter' and its dedicated employees were also featured in the NewsHour program, which highlighted the important role shelters play in rounding out a robust safety net for equines in our communities.

So it’s a good thing that APNM has been creating and implementing truly humane approaches for the state’s equines since 2010. Through the Equine Protection Fund (Fund), more than 450 horses have now been brought relief through a combination of feed assistance, gelding assistance, re-homing, improved care/stewardship and humane euthanasia. Services have benefited individuals, agencies and shelters. The Fund is proof positive that with determination and focus, humane solutions not only are within our reach, they are inevitable.

The PBS story also reminds us that the cynical, pro-slaughter forces have not quite given up their fight to revive the gruesome industry that guarantees no long-term solutions to horse population challenges in our country. In fact, if slaughter is part of the mix, this ensures that fundamental change in how we treat and view horses won’t happen. APNM and its allies in this work will continue to demonstrate a compassionate pathway for equine advocacy in New Mexico and across the country.

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