National Media Outlets Demonstrate Animals Matter

Orcas Swim Into Focus Tonight


No matter what else you’re doing tonight (Thursday, October 24), make alternate plans and instead sit down and tune into CNN. Why? Because from 7-9 p.m. (MST) and again from 10 to midnight the film Blackfish will be aired.

This film should not be missed. It tells the story of a performing orca connected to the deaths of several people while in captivity. This important film lays bare the essential debate about keeping these highly intelligent mammals in captivity for our amusement and curiosity.

[Learn more about the CNN broadcast on and about the film at]

As humans with the power to control literally every other animal species on the planet, we owe it to ourselves and to the other animals to fully understand how our actions affect their lives. What do we subject them to for the most trivial ends? As we learn more about the undeniably intricate and complicated lives of other species, we must examine our obligations to them, and learn how to change our ways. These issues must be addressed fully and honestly. Films like Blackfish set the stage for these broader discussions.

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