Join APNM in Challenging Horse Cruelty in New Mexico


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Two recent horse cruelty cases are examples of how cases of right and wrong can become complicated, with horrible results for animals.

Greg Collier was accused of beating to death a 10-month old colt named Cowboy on February 13, 2006. Four eyewitnesses testified in court that they saw Collier beat the horse, yet two separate cases against Collier were lost when the juries were not unanimous in their decision.

Enter Attorney General Gary King who appealed the case to the New Mexico Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of a retrial in March 2013. As reported in the Alamogordo Daily News, "In a 5-0 decision, the Supreme Court reversed the New Mexico Court of Appeals and held that the state can retry trainer Greg Collier for misdemeanor cruelty to animals without violating the double jeopardy protection of the U.S. Constitution." Perhaps the horribly cruel beating death of Cowboy will not be without consequences after all.

Another highly publicized case of horse cruelty is that of Timothy Sappington, who made a video of himself killing a horse while making threatening and vulgar statements, and then shared this video on a popular social media site.

Sappington's video sparked local, national, and international outrage. Yet no charges have been filed against Sappington. The rationale for this has been that the killing of the horse was a "commonly accepted agricultural and animal husbandry practice" which is exempted under New Mexico law.

Clearly, Sappington's malicious killing of the horse, done while attempting to threaten and intimidate animal advocates, is not a "commonly accepted" practice, no more than Collier's act of beating a colt to death. Animal Protection of New Mexico has written to the District Attorneys in each of these cases. Now is the time to add your voice and speak out against cruelty and injustice.

Your informed, respectful letters which state that horrifying acts of animal cruelty are inexcusable in New Mexico help bring some justice for the horses who suffered in these cases. Please take time to send your letters and let us know that you have written.


Write to District Attorney Janetta Hicks

Janetta B. Hicks, District Attorney
400 N Virginia Suite G-2
Roswell, NM 88201
or email:

  • The manner in which Sappington killed the horse, made the video, and posted it online is malicious and horrifying.
  • Animal abuse is tied to other violent crimes in our community, including domestic violence, child abuse, and elder abuse.
  • Nothing about Sappington's actions is a "commonly accepted" practice
  • Please charge Sappington with extreme animal cruelty, a fourth degree felony

Write to District Attorney Mark D'Antonio

Mark D'Antonio, District Attorney
845 N Motel Blvd
Las Cruces, NM 88007
or email:

  • Four eyewitnesses saw Greg Collier cruelly beat a 10-month old colt.
  • A necropsy report showed the horse, Cowboy, died from trauma-induced shock related to tissue damage and widespread contusions.
  • Animal abuse is tied to other violent crimes in our community, including domestic violence, child abuse, and elder abuse.
  • The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled 5-0 that Collier can be tried again. Please charge Collier with animal cruelty.