Attorney General Gary King:

Standing Between Horses and the Slaughter Machine

On December 19, 2013, while most people were planning their holiday gatherings and contemplating time off with family and friends, New Mexico Attorney General Gary King was busy working for the benefit of New Mexicans and what we value and cherish. Gary King held a news conference to announce an unprecedented lawsuit he filed in state court against Valley Meat, the Roswell company that wants to slaughter our state's beloved horses for profit.

AG Gary King stands between New Mexico's horses and the slaughter machine.

While announcing his lawsuit, the Attorney General explained why horse slaughter is incompatible with so many things that New Mexicans believe in: the humane treatment of animals, protecting our environment, and standing up for what enriches our communities. The comprehensive lawsuit and accompanying media release lays out a compelling case for why a horse slaughterhouse would be a disaster for any community that permits its operation.

The Attorney General is motivated by New Mexicans' rejection of horse slaughter and their thirst for truly humane approaches to the management of horse populations. Having been raised on a ranch, Gary King understands that horses are not raised to be food. They are part of our lives on farms, in sports and competition, are our companions and healers, and even help people overcome challenges with illnesses. In contrast, horse slaughter profiteers and their proponents rely on the relics of cynicism, despair and resistance to change. The good news is that the public and our elected officials are onto these naysayers and are rejecting their lies and baseless excuses. People now demand and expect better from our public policies, and leaders like Gary King are helping ensure a more humane path forward.

News coverage of the lawsuit has been widespread, from ABC News to local features in Albuquerque Business First, local television stations and the Albuquerque Journal.

Attorney General Gary King realizes that fundamental change in horse population management represents a more sensible approach, bringing about desperately needed accountability for how horses are treated throughout their lives. Through the implementation of the Equine Protection Fund, Animal Protection of New Mexico has already shown that a combination of feed assistance, gelding assistance, subsidized veterinary care, and widespread education are powerful tools that can alter the landscape for horses that have had a wholly insufficient safety net. With deeper engagement from a broader segment of the community, it won't be long before we will all look back and wonder how horse slaughter could ever have been contemplated as a long-term solution for the benefit of horses.

New Mexico's Equine Protection Fund and the services it provides horses is a powerful antidote to slaughter. Make a contribution today and help us raise the funds needed to keep horses from the cruel slaughter pipeline.

Gary King continues to demonstrate unparalleled leadership in keeping cruel horse slaughter from damaging our state and harming our horses. He has acted on behalf of the majority of New Mexicans who don't want this scourge in our state. Please visit Attorney General Gary King's Facebook page and Twitter feed to send him a message of thanks for his decisive action.

Gary King's bold action for horses this week is part of a long and impressive list of humane priorities that has helped define Gary King as a knowledgeable and compassionate leader who cares deeply about all the state's vulnerable populations. In 2011, APNM presented Attorney General King with a Milagro Award for his phenomenal advocacy and accomplishments for animals. His efforts for horses formally began in 1995 when, as a legislator in New Mexico's House of Representatives, he successfully banned horse tripping in New Mexico. Since then, because of his considerable contributions to the welfare of New Mexico's animals, Attorney General King has also been honored by the New Mexico State Humane Conference, and well as the Humane Society of the United States/Fraternal Order of Police/National District Attorneys Association.


State of New Mexico vs. Valley Meat Company, LLC (pdf)

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