Make Christmas Count for Horses

We’re Running Out of Time to Meet Our Goal!

Have you already given to help make sure New Mexico’s horses are safe?

You can help horses like Spyder, who received two months of feed when his family had a sudden, temporary loss of income. 77% of our clients say they could not have kept their horse without our help. Please give now!

If so -- thank you so much! The Equine Protection Fund has so far received pledges ranging from $2 to $500 for our crowdfunding project on, and every donation adds up to make a big difference!

If you haven’t given -- what’s holding you back?

This Christmas, please give $20 or whatever you can afford to make sure that horses like Spyder can stay at home with their family. By providing for a safety net for horses, you are not only giving compassion to individual horses and families in need, you are proving that horses deserve caring and not slaughter!

Here’s all you need to do...

Visit to read about our project. Make Christmas wishes come true for horses!
  1. Visit and read about our project. We are trying to raise $5000 to help an estimated 30 horses stay out of the slaughterhouse (Equine Fund program costs currently average $164.83 per individual animal helped whether through feed assistance, gelding, humane euthanasia, or other vet assistance).
  2. Click the donate button and give as much as you feel comfortable providing.
  3. Tell your friends. The project has links to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
  4. Watch our project get funded and know that you made it happen. Super cool!

Thanks again for all of your support to ensure deserving horses, donkeys and mules receive kindness and care!


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