Tipping Point For Chimps
NIH Told To Retire Chimps and Increase Transparency

The last few months have brought several big changes for chimps kept captive in labs. Not just the start of the transfer of over 100 chimpanzees from a Louisiana lab to sanctuary at Chimp Haven, but also dramatic attempts to pass the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act during the last days of Congress in December, and the January 22 recommendations from the Working Group for sweeping changes in the use of chimpanzees in NIH-supported research.

Right now, how can people help?

Please make public comments to ask for the permanent retirement and sanctuary care of all APF chimpanzees, including all 24 chimps from New Mexico currently housed at Texas Biomed. NIH is accepting public comment for 60 days and stated they would then announce their plans for chimps in labs "at the end of March."

Refer to our Working Group comments guide for the highlights of the report and more on how to submit comments on the 28 recommendations for change.

Remember, YOUR VOICE has made all the difference for chimpanzees in Alamogordo and across the country. Please make time to speak up once again!

Can we say that again? YOUR VOICE HAS MADE THIS DIFFERENCE. Please don't let up now.

While you prepare your comments, enjoy these media highlights on the latest BIG news for chimps:






CBCradio As it Happens with Carol Off & Jeff Douglas (skip to 32:50 to hear APNM interviewed on chimps)
RETIRING RESEARCH CHIMPS Duration: 00:07:14 - Chimpanzees have been working for the U.S. government for decades. That is, if you consider living in a cage and being the subject of experiments "work". But for most research chimpanzees in the US, that may all be over. A working group within the US National Institutes of Health, or NIH, has recommended sweeping changes in how chimpanzees are used in research...including whether they need to be used at all. Laura Bonar is Program Director with Animal Protection of New Mexico, a state that has been at the center of chimp research and breeding for decades. We reached her in Washington, D.C. where the recommendations were presented.

NPR: Rules Would Retire Most Research Chimps


Rachel Maddow: Opposable thumbs up for lab chimp sanctuary



New York Times: Agency Moves to Retire Most Research Chimps
Washington Post: Rules would restrict medical research on chimpanzees
CNN: Hundreds of research chimps may be retired

Last but not least - remember to thank the leaders who have worked hard and made a difference for chimpanzees. They may be your local legislators like Representative Nate Cote, Representative Yvette Herrell, and Senator Bill Burt, or they may be your members of Congress, like Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich. Thank your family and friends who have been outspoken, as well.

Everyone's serious actions are protecting not only chimps not only in New Mexico, but all across the country. Thank you for taking further action and for standing with APNM to see all chimpanzees in sanctuary!

Click here to learn how you can contact NIH and make a difference for these chimps!