The Equine Fund Doubles Its Impact In Just A Year

Please Consider Contributing To These Lifesaving Programs; Plus, APNM Welcomes New Equine Program Staff

Recipients of Emergency Feed Assistance
Recipients of the Emergency Feed Assistance program. Just $100 feeds a hungry horse for one month.

Pop a cork: this July, the Equine Protection Fund -- a partnership between APNM and the charitable New Mexico Community Foundation -- has passed a milestone of 400 horses, donkeys, and mules assisted by the Fund’s tactical efforts for equine welfare in our state.

When we crossed the milestone of 200 horses assisted in June 2012, most of the accomplishments in humane care for equines were via the Emergency Feed Assistance program, which provides temporary help with horse feed for families in temporary financial need. While Emergency Feed Assistance remains a vital and popular program, the Fund has seen enormous growth of its veterinary care programs in the past year, with over 120 equines benefitting from gelding to prevent unwanted births, assorted humane care in cases of seizure from cruelty cases, and the final gift of compassion via euthanasia. Not just benefitting the animals, the Fund’s veterinary programs provide financial relief to the shelters, vets, and law enforcement officers working on the front lines of combating equine cruelty. Currently, these assistance programs are in high demand across the state.

At just under $70,000 spent on all assistance programs to date, the Equine Fund continues to demonstrate that, with strategic thinking, humane treatment of New Mexico’s equines is not unattainable, least of all on a financial level. Emergency Feed Assistance maintains its historical average of less than $100 per animal per month while ensuring nutrition in crises, while the veterinary care programs average from $93 to $178 per equine. As we continue to build the safety net for horses, a little bit of money increasingly goes a long way to ensuring compassionate treatment of equines in New Mexico.

Horses helped by EPF
Animals helped each month by Equine Protection Fund services (does not include equines assisted by the Equine Fund's Volunteer Network). Note that the veterinary programs (including gelding, humane euthanasia, and other veterinary assistance) have dramatically increased in activity over the past year. Please consider a contribution to the Equine Protection Fund to ensure that these services remain available for needy horses, donkeys, and mules.


Tucker, a beneficiary of the Equine Fund's Gelding Assistance program, which prevents unwanted breeding of horses and donkeys.

While a model of humane assistance has been established, animal advocates must ensure that these programs grow enough to comprehensively meet the needs of every suffering horse in our state. APNM is working with new staff (see below) to ensure further development and growth of the Equine Fund, but we also need your help in expanding our efforts to encompass hundred and thousands more needy horses. Please consider contributing to the Equine Protection Fund and lay your claim on responsible treatment of animals and the continued availability of humane options for NM’s horses, donkeys, and mules.

Equine Protection Fund c/o New Mexico Community Foundation
502 W Cordova, Ste 1
Santa Fe, NM 87505

A Great New Voice for NM’s Equines

Victoria's horses

Victoria's horses Bentley and Mr. Swift.

APNM is also pleased to announce the hiring of our new Equine Development Officer, Victoria Kanof. A position made possible by a generous grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Development Officer will be working to promote the Equine Protection Fund’s vital activities across the state and in all sectors of the horse community and to grow our programs and endowment for humane care of equines.

A veteran of The Nature Conservancy in Texas, Victoria brings ample experience in fundraising and events as well as a lifetime love of horses. She is excited to return to New Mexico along with her two adopted off-the-track racehorses. Please join us in welcoming Victoria to APNM!