A Thanksgiving Letter From The Staff of APNM
APNM Staff

From the Director, Elisabeth Jennings


The Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful American tradition, fairly unique in that we have an entire holiday devoted to gratitude. We at Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM) have a lot to be thankful for, just by contemplating our members and supporters-at-large in the greater New Mexican community. Those of you who have made a financial commitment to APNM have our heartfelt thanks, because it takes meaningful resources to sustain the challenging work of ensuring animals matter in our state.


Resistance to change is fierce.

For those of you who have opened up your hearts but not yet your checkbooks, we understand times are hard for many people. We ‘re hopeful that if you have an opportunity to give to our strategic and effective work helping animals, you will be as generous as you can afford.

When times are tough for people,
they’re even tougher for animals.

This year, while I think of you – our supporters – I also ask you to give some special thanks to the APNM team that works diligently on behalf of New Mexico’s animals who desperately need our advocacy. Our carefully hand-selected staff is responsible for catalyzing the positive change you see month after month surrounding animal issues in our state. One of the best ways to honor our efforts is to begin, or continue, to support us with a contribution. Maybe this is the time to commit to becoming a monthly donor and helping us build a stronger foundation for change.

APNM’s effective, intelligent, hard-charging and hard-working staff members are an inspiration to me every day.


Daniel Abram, Deputy Director
Daniel’s extensive experience with non-profit management has proven invaluable for APNM as its reach extends further into the community each year. Daniel’s quiet calm and focused problem solving are the salve that soothes APNM’s growing pains. Juggling a mountain of responsibilities in development, organizational administration/infrastructure and outreach, Daniel has streamlined, enhanced and organized our very busy operation. Daniel’s skills at promoting the organization’s compelling campaigns have resulted in increased support for many of APNM’s lifesaving programs.


Arlene Engel, Office Manager
Arlene keeps our i’s dotted and our t’s crossed. From compiling and filing reports, wrangling piles of unruly paperwork, to vendor contract management, Arlene makes certain that APNM is in compliance with state requirements and that we have the robust office infrastructure critical to conducting our work.


Hildegard Adams, Outreach Coordinator
Hildegard’s experience as a long-term advocate lends itself perfectly to APNM’s tabling and outreach efforts. She can be seen rain or shine around the state promoting the APNM mission, and sharing our wonderful past accomplishments and the challenges of our current campaigns with concerned New Mexicans.


Sherry Mangold, Senior Cruelty Case Manager and Educational Outreach Director
Sherry oversees our animal cruelty report hotlines. A retired teacher, Sherry also heads APNM’s Humane Education program, an intensive school-based program running currently in Valencia County. Her students always look forward to her appearance along with her certified therapy greyhounds. Sherry is making a real difference in helping the next generation adopt a kind and humane lifestyle.


Phil Carter, Equine and Wildlife Program Manager
Phil is a “work horse” who manages the APNM Equine Protection Program and responds daily to requests from horse owners in need of emergency feed assistance in a struggling economy. In addition to helping families stay together with their equine companions, Phil leads the charge to provide resources to New Mexicans about how to coexist with New Mexico’s diversity of wildlife.


Alan Edmonds, Animal Cruelty Case Manger
Alan is on the front lines of APNM’s handling of animal cruelty and neglect cases that are reported by New Mexicans from around the state. Callers remain anonymous and in good hands when they call in about sensitive situations. Alan serves as a critical liaison between a concerned public and law enforcement agencies. He turns many of the thousands of calls he receives each year into life-saving outcomes.


Deborah Torza, Lobbyist
Deborah primarily works for Animal Protection Voters, APNM’s legislative arm. As such, she engages in the intricacies of state legislative work and the integration of animals with human society. She has a deep passion for animal issues and has led the charge to assist local animal shelters in securing funds for facility improvements.



Randi Bildner, Development Associate
Randi seeks out New Mexicans who want to turn their passion for animals into concrete change for them. Randi is constantly working to convey to prospective donors APNM’s lifesaving work to help animals and the organization’s pressing financial needs for its programs. She is building a base of support among those in our community who wish to share their financial resources for the welfare of New Mexico’s animals. Randi initiated the Teddy Fund, an interactive fundraising effort, named in memory of her pitbull Li’l Teddy Lew, that supports professional training for New Mexico animal control officers.


Sharon Jonas, Program Coordinator
Sharon facilitates important statewide efforts that help enhance the safety net for New Mexico’s animals, including disaster preparedness, the Attorney General’s Animal Cruelty Task Force, and agency training initiatives. She has led the charge in bringing outside professional training to law enforcement officers, enhancing their ability to recognize, report and process animal cruelty cases. Currently, she is heavily engaged in the coordination of expert training being provided to employees in both the New Mexico Corrections Department and the Children, Youth and Families Department about the LINK between animal abuse and domestic violence.


Leslie King, Program Director
Leslie’s role embodies the organizational mission of effecting systemic change for animals in our state. She is a community liaison and takes on ambitious projects that provide counties and municipalities with the resources and information they need to make sound decisions about animal policies. Her background in local government suits her for the role. She is responsible for numerous aspects of APNM’s animal sheltering program, APNM’s Train. Don’t Chain® campaign, and local ordinance improvement efforts.


Laura Bonar, Program Director
As driver of APNM’s Chimps to Sanctuary campaign, Laura’s advocacy for the Alamogordo chimps has established APNM as a leader in the national dialogue about our country’s call to permanently retire all great apes from biomedical research. Laura is steadfast in her ability to utilize media and social media applications to keep this crucial issue top of mind for the public and policymakers. Laura also has a key role in promoting the legislative priorities of Animal Protection Voters and engaging citizen lobbyists.


Victoria Murphy, Animal Shelter Program Manager
Though new to our team, Victoria comes to APNM with a wealth of experience and many years as an animal welfare professional. She is charged with increasing New Mexico animal shelters’ capacity to humanely care for companion animals, increase spay-neuter availability and successful adoptions, reduce euthanasia rates and lead to more meaningful public and private support of shelters.


As you relax and enjoy this special Thanksgiving holiday and reflect on the blessings in your lives, please consider how enhanced our state is because of APNM’s lifesaving work, thanks to the generous support of people like you. With your continued or fresh involvement in our work, our dedicated staff will maintain its tireless efforts.

APNM has a lot to be thankful for. We can look in any direction and see more that needs changing for the better, but the path toward the humane treatment of all animals seems ever clearer, thanks to your participation.

Happy Thanksgiving!