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Help bring more Kind News™ subscriptions
to New Mexico's children
Publication encourages humane values in elementary school classrooms; Plus, the winter Horse Blanket Drive returns - please donate unused coverings for needy equines
Kindness toward others is one of the first principles woven into any strong educational curriculum. APNM believes, and research has shown, that children who learn to be kind to animals are more likely to be kind to people. For many years, APNM has, with your support, been underwriting subscriptions of the Kind News™ magazine and classroom activity guides to schools around New Mexico. This school year is no exception, but the demand for subscriptions is far greater than the funds we have received for this crucial humane education.

  Kind News

Help students across New Mexico learn humane values by sponsoring a Kind News™ magazine subscription in one or more elementary classrooms. Kind News™ is a fun and interactive way to bring humane education to New Mexico’s schools!
Can you help us bridge the gap between supply and demand? Listen to the children who tell us what Kind News™ means to them:
“I am really thankful that you send us Kind News™, I like it because I can really relate with the kids on Kind News™. And I like the sports pages. Thank you so much for sending us Kind News™. It is really fun to read – please come by for a visit!”
“Thank you for sending Kind News™ to our school. It makes me want to help animals and I will help them and my favorite part was the dogs. Dogs rock!”
“I hope that you will keep [sending] Kind News™ to all the people in the world. Also, people will follow you to a better, kinder world.”

Kind News™ is a publication of the Humane Society of the United States that contains intriguing stories about wild and domestic animals that teach students humane values. Each of the five magazines received by the students each year features activity guides, quizzes and online resources, making it more than just a magazine, but an excellent tool to contribute to any elementary school classroom education. A teacher resource book with reproducible handouts is included with the subscription, as is a classroom poster. Each student in the classroom gets their own ID card with their magazines as well.

Map of Kind News
APNM is working to bring Kind News™ subscriptions to over 250 classrooms in New Mexico - that's over 6,250 students!
The theme of Kind News™ is kindness to people and animals and respect for natural habitats. Its emphasis on humane values, such as fairness, compassion and responsibility, encourages good character in children and is aligned with the New Mexico Character Counts program. Its colorful design, simple vocabulary and engaging subject matter instill reading habits. The Kind News™ age appropriate content is published in three reading levels (grades K-2, 3-4 and 5-6).
This school year, APNM has an ambitious goal of bringing Kind News™ subscriptions to over 250 classrooms in New Mexico, over 6,250 students. We are particularly focusing on outlying school systems that may be lacking in money and resources.

The cost is low at just $25 for a classroom subscription for the year– that’s less than $1 per student! Please consider helping to bring valuable lessons of compassion and kindness to students in the 2012-2013 school year.

Click here to support one or more classrooms with Kind News™.

  • Kind News™ (Humane Society of the United States)

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