Finding Their Way Home

Generous Donors Provide Scanner for Northern New Mexico

The need was there.  The request was sent. And, because of the generous donations received by Animal Protection of New Mexico, a Data-Mars iMax + Universal microchip scanner is now on its way to Animal Welfare Officer Snider Sloan of Red River, New Mexico.

Red River, as well as multiple other Northern New Mexico communities, is a well-known tourist destination for all seasons.  In addition to sharing natural beauty, these communities also share a need for Animal Control Officers and Animal Shelters.  Sloan often finds himself responding to calls from throughout the region, and because of this, The Department of Public Safety appointed Officer Sloan as the Northern Field Team Captain for the Attorney General’s Animal Cruelty Task Force.

Since Sloan had no scanner and no shelter, he usually brought the lost animals to his home for care until he could make the drive into Taos to scan the animal for a micro-chip.  In winter the mountain roads often are precarious.  With the scanner Officer Sloan will be able to immediately identify the owner of the lost animal and those reunions will take place much sooner.  Animal Protection of New Mexico sends a heart-felt thank-you to our generous membership and to the readers of The Taos Bark who responded to our request and made this happen.