Launch of October Equine Fundraising Drive

Help us keep horses warm and fed this winter and beyond


Since 2009, the Equine Protection Fund—a partnership between APNM and the charitable New Mexico Community Foundation—has been preventing suffering of New Mexico’s horses, donkeys, and mules by providing direct services for equines.


Click to view larger map where the
Equine Protection Fund has been
helping horses in need across New Mexico.

As the first and only statewide equine assistance and relief network, the Equine Fund has proven that creative solutions work for what has been called an insurmountable problem of too many horses. And, at over 270 equines helped through its various programs such as feed assistance and veterinary care, the Fund has laid groundwork for a statewide model of compassionate horse stewardship.

Simply put: Our programs work and horses and their humans are benefiting. But more needs to be done.

Over the next two weeks (October 16 – 30), Animal Protection of New Mexico is promoting an Online Fundraising Drive for the Equine Protection Fund. During this time, we are determined to raise $10,000 for immediate assistance for hungry or neglected horses. Based on program averages to date, $10,000 can provide the following:

  • Emergency Feed Assistance for 50 horses for up to two months
  • Gelding of 130 stallions and colts, preventing an exponential increase in unwanted births
  • Humane disposition of 60 suffering horses

Prominent charities and foundations have given to the Equine Fund, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®, the Thaw Charitable Trust, the Equus Foundation, and the Banfield Charitable Trust. Additionally, over 150 individuals have donated small and large gifts, and all have made a difference!

Can you add YOUR NAME to the list of New Mexicans ensuring the availability of humane options for horses? Here’s how you can help.

  • Please donate to the Equine Protection Fund today, and ensure a better tomorrow for horses.
  • Please help share the word about the Equine Protection Fund and this essential fundraising effort by forwarding this email to your friends and relatives.
  • We’ll be updating with stories of the Fund’s accomplishments and the progress of the fundraising drive every day through the APNM and Equine Protection Fund Facebook pages and Twitter feed—please join these social media accounts if you haven’t already. 

Major changes are on the horizon for our horses, donkeys, and mules. Please join now in the fight for humane, strategic solutions for New Mexico’s imperiled equines!