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Equine Protection Fund is making a difference for hundreds of NM’s horses, but can’t without you


In the midst of our ongoing October Fundraising Drive, we cross a milestone of compassionate efforts for New Mexico horses, donkeys, and mules. This week, the Equine Protection Fund approved Emergency Feed Assistance for their 200th animal—he and his three fellow horses are now receiving two months of subsidized alfalfa hay while his caring owner gets back on her feet financially.

In addition to 200 nourished horses, donkeys, and mules, 77 equines have been assisted or given relief through the Fund’s veterinary care and volunteer programs. Altogether they represent the Equine Protection Fund’s commitment to compassionate and forward-thinking assistance, both addressing horses’ immediate needs and making options for humane care permanently available in New Mexico.

Occasionally, a recipient of Equine Fund assistance or a member of the state’s equestrian community contacts us to relate their experiences with the Fund. As you read the following testimonials, please consider how you can help get the word out by forwarding this page to family and friends.

Learn more about the Equine Protection Fund - download our pdf brochure.


Emergency feed assistance recipient, Edgewood: “The feed assistance program was a blessing. I had no other options at the time and would not have been able to keep my horses. But now, my situation has improved.”

Emergency feed assistance recipient, Ruidoso: “Selling my horse would have been very difficult for me if it were even possible—she is very important to me. I would be happy to refer anyone to this program.”

Concerned neighbor, Corrales: “I just spoke with Corrales Animal Control this morning and he said your fund was recently used to euthanize a horse here. What a touching story. Many of us are familiar with the horse and its owner and it was good to hear that the right thing happened.”

Corrales Animal Control: “This horse belonged to an indigent individual who simply didn’t have the money to keep the old horse. I called up the Equine Protection Fund and they got immediate results.”

Now that you’ve heard and seen how important the Fund is, please pledge your financial support to the Equine Protection Fund.

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