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Help Kickstart A True Story of Love
and Rescue at a Retail Animal Shelter

If you take a talented, APNM independent contractor, add a video camera, some funding and a positive attitude, what do you get?

You get a lifesaving documentary whose purpose is to help animal shelters all across the country adopt out more dogs and cats into forever homes. Jessi Badami is that contractor, and she just launched the fundraising component of her documentary film project. She needs the help of animal advocates from all over to get the word out–she has less than 30 days to raise the funds she needs, so time is critical.

You can read about MALL DOGS, and see her intro video at Kickstarter.

Here are details of the project: 
  1. Lucky Paws is a city-run shelter located in New Mexico’s largest indoor mall.
  2. It’s a model of successful sheltering, placing thousands of dogs and cats in good homes each year.
  3. It’s unique in its retail approach: the shelter is a happy, positive environment that people like to visit (a more pleasant experience for adopters, a more enriching experience for animals).
  4. The documentary will not be depressing! It will be a fun, contemporary look at Lucky Paws: its dramatic beginnings, the psychology of its design, and the great love stories that result when people and animals connect there.
  5. Once the film is complete, she’ll create educational materials for middle school teachers as well as a guide book for other city shelters to use to implement some or all of Lucky Paws’ most successful features.
The potential impact:
This is a story that will be a great film in and of itself, but will also have the power to change how people view adoption. It could also inspire shelters to do things differently.

Here’s how you can help:
  1. If so inclined, you can donate to the project through Kickstarter. You’ll receive great rewards at each donor level and the filmmaker’s deepest thanks. This works if you have an Amazon.com account. If not, you can donate via PayPal or credit card at dogparent.com/the-mall-dogs-project. 
  2. They really need help getting the word out. If you can spread the word by forwarding this email to your friends and family and any organizations or anyone else you think may be interested in the project, not only will they greatly appreciate it, but it could mean the difference between reaching their goal or not!
  3. If you know of any companies who might be interested in this project, they’re putting together an appealing sponsorship package that includes a prominent mention in the film, inclusion in all marketing materials and website, and more. Email Jessi at jessi.badami@gmail.com for details.
  4. If you want to help in other ways, email her–she’d love to hear from you.
From Jessi:
"If you are able to support making this film happen, you’ll be part of creating something entertaining, positive, thought-provoking, and influential. While your biggest reward is helping to save the lives of shelter dogs and cats, support of the Mall Dogs project comes with a number of great perks, including digital downloads and DVDs of the documentary, a very cool soundtrack, custom companion animal portraits, companion animal jewelry, and more.  

Thank you so very much!"
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