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Help Turn this Attention into Needed Change

Last week, we wrote to you about renewed media attention on the silent plight of thousands of New Mexico horses, with articles focused on the horrors of the racing industry and Valencia Co.’s Southwest Livestock Auction.

These exposés have had a seismic impact on many in the general public, but what about those in horse industries? That remains to be seen. An investigation of the Southwest Livestock Auction was announced, with a subsequent report going to 13th Judicial District Attorney Lemuel Martinez. The caring public is waiting with bated breath to see whether justified strong action will be taken against the business.

Governor Martinez has asked the New Mexico Racing Commission for a report on the most serious problems with New Mexico racing, along with potential remedies.

In the past week, APNM has published an op-ed (Albuquerque Journal, Create a Safety Net for N.M.’s Equines, 4/2/12) denouncing the widespread, institutionalized inertia that has allowed such abuses to occur and promoting humane alternatives like the Equine Protection Fund.

Similarly, The Journal has featured two strong editorials [Raise the Stakes On N.M.’s Racing Industry | Step Up Probe of Sale Barn Livestock Abuses] excoriating the cruelty embedded within the racing industry and sale barns. Senator Tom Udall has also weighed in to rally for his bill for national standards within racing.

Please speak up now. Help make sure the recent exposure about systemic cruelty to horses leads to better conditions for all of New Mexico’s equines.


Contact District Attorney Lemuel Martinez, 13th Judicial District. The District Attorney is responsible for determining whether charges will be filed against the Southwest Livestock Auction and a state employee, following an investigation by the New Mexico Livestock Board.
Please contact the D.A.’s office at or by phone at 505-285-4627 to make the following brief, polite points:
  • New Mexicans are concerned about what appears to be an ongoing pattern of animal abuse at Southwest Livestock Auction
  • Existing animal cruelty laws appear not to be enforced for animals suffering at the Southwest Livestock Auction
  • Please ensure a thorough review of the facts of this case
Contact the state Racing Commission with your concerns for racing thoroughbreds and quarterhorses and ask for significant changes:
  • Public reporting of track injuries and deaths
  • Widespread testing for “doping”
  • Serious sanctions for violators, along with meaningful fines that support programs to help horses

Write a letter to your local newspaper to express your concerns and help ensure that attention to equine suffering doesn’t fade away.


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