Equine Protection Fund celebrates 200 equines helped

APNM and New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF), partners in the New Mexico Equine Protection Fund, are proud to announce another milestone in this ongoing statewide effort for humane equine care. As of June 15, the Equine Fund has assisted over 200 horses, donkeys, and mules as part of its subsidized and volunteer programs. 

Just a few of the 200+ grateful recipients helped by the Equine Protection Fund. Thank you volunteers to the Equine Protection Fund and our generous donors. Here's to the next 200!
Jenny Parks, President and CEO of NMCF, commemorated the milestone stating, "The Equine Protection Fund is one of the most direct ways you can help horses in our state from suffering neglect and malnourishment. We’re proud to have this fund and pleased that donors’ generosity has helped 200 horses live better lives in New Mexico.”

The announcement comes not long after the 2nd anniversary in May of the Equine Fund’s flagship program, Emergency Feed Assistance. The majority of the 200 equines have been helped via this assistance; the Fund believes that no horse should needlessly suffer from a temporary disruption in family finances. Through feed assistance, we are proud to help strengthen New Mexico’s equine community by preserving the financial, temporal, and emotional investments between horses and their human families.

Preventing needless suffering is also at the heart of the Fund’s veterinary care programs, including Trail’s End (humane euthanasia), Gelding Assistance, the Equine Care Guide, and veterinary assistance for law enforcement. These programs have helped individuals, equine rescue shelters, and law enforcement give needy equines the chance to thrive or a final gift of compassion.

The past week has also been a showcase of an unsubsidized but no less important sector of the Equine Fund: the Volunteer Network. Six horses in Albuquerque, all severely underweight, were surrendered to the state Livestock Board, who called their condition among the worst they had ever seen. Fortunately, when a call was relayed to the Equine Fund volunteer database, a homeowner in Corrales stepped forward to foster three of the horses and help relieve the burden on the rescue shelter that took in the others. With our volunteer’s support, the 201st through 203rd equines assisted by the Equine Fund will now have a new lease on life. This summer, please consider helping to grow the Equine Protection Fund in a variety of ways, including donating to the Fund’s programs and joining the Volunteer Network. With your support, we will continue to prove not just the viability but necessity of humane horsemanship.

The horses say “thank you”!

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