A rewarding lifetime commitment to horses and donkeys

The Equine Fund helps turn crises into opportunities

Summer 2012 got off to an impactful start for the Equine Protection Fund, the statewide equine welfare and assistance campaign administered by APNM and New Mexico Community Foundation. In May, we celebrated the second anniversary of the Fund’s first and most utilized program to date, Emergency Feed Assistance. Then, in June, the Fund passed a milestone of 200 equines assisted given relief through the various program services.

Not long after, Heidi S., one of the first recipients of Emergency Feed Assistance wrote to update us on her life and the lives of her animals post-assistance. Heidi had applied when living in Capitan, NM. She agreed to share her story with APNM members and also recently became an annual donor to the Equine Fund to help others facing her past situation.  

I had lost my job and home due to the economic crisis many Americans have faced. I applied for assistance through the Equine Protection Fund, and was granted feed for my four equines for two months. I was able to stretch the generous donation out to cover the entire summer. Had I not had your assistance, I hesitate to think about the difficult choices I would have had to make. Instead, I had time to search for a new job, and to identify excellent and loving homes for all of my equines, should that be necessary. It was.

I found a wonderful job on the east coast; I could not take my equines, but made sure I found caretakers who would keep me abreast of their progress. Pedro, my donkey, now lives in the Hondo Valley on 5,000 acres, and is the lovable and hand-fed pet that he earned with his delightful personality. My mini-donk [Don Quixote] has fallen madly in love with his 10-year-old owner, and is lavished with love and attention daily. My horses are with my dearest friend in Nevada. I get daily updates on their wellbeing and shenanigans! My horse Buddy, who fulfilled a dream come true of having my own horse, is now fulfilling that dream for others. He is a senior horse, and has found a job as a lesson horse for children. Sweetie, my other horse, is now being schooled and stimulated on a regular basis through training, and is teaching my dear friend as much as he learns from her.

Please know that it would not have been possible for me to rebuild my life, and provide wonderful and stimulating homes for my equines without the help of your organization. I will always appreciate the work that you are doing, and look forward to supporting your continued work.

While the news is bittersweet with the separation of Heidi and her animals, she correctly writes that these developments are not an end but rather “progress” for Pedro, Buddy, Sweetie, and Don Quixote, now filling rightful new roles as companion animals rather than disposable assets. Through our programs, the Equine Fund is proud to help individuals who, under trying circumstances, are doing their best for their horses, donkeys, and mules.

As the Fund continues to grow and better respond to challenges facing New Mexico’s equines, please consider donating financially (on average, just $100 will feed a hungry horse for a month) or via volunteer help to augment our efforts.