Laboratory Chimpanzees Closer Than Ever To Sanctuary

Thanks to your continuing persistence and dedication, research chimps have a chance at a better life

chimps in sanctuary

Thank you for staying the course for chimpanzees, let's keep going!

On October 3, 2012, Animal Protection of New Mexico put out the call for emails to the Foundation of the National Institutes of Health, and phone calls to Congress, in the wake of reports that the Louisiana laboratory New Iberia Research Center (NIRC) was considering euthanizing chimps rather than sending them to sanctuary, and that the federal government was investing in more lab time for chimps rather than in sanctuary (read the eAlert here). If you were one of many who spoke up, thank you!

On October 9, Public News Service reported that “being exempted from biomedical research is no guarantee of a good life for the chimps, or any life at all,” and APNM’s Laura Bonar told the sad story of Sterling, a New Mexico chimpanzee who died in the Louisiana lab.

Then on October 17, Lisa Myers and Diane Beasley of NBC’s Rock Center reported that NIH was now stating that all of the 110 government-owned chimpanzees from the NIRC would be candidates for sanctuary: “NIH is considering all options to try and move as many of the 110 chimpanzees to the Federal Sanctuary within the constraints of this timeframe and to eventually move all 110 chimpanzees to the Federal Sanctuary.”

The NBC story also seems to resolve lingering questions about sick and aged chimpanzees at NIRC, yet shows that the path to sanctuary for all New Mexico chimps requires more work: “NIH says it still has made no decision on the fate of 14 chimpanzees that were transferred to Texas Biomed two years ago to be available for hepatitis-C experiments.”

chimps in sanctuary

New Mexicans have continued to be outspoken for chimps to sanctuary, including Congressman Martin Heinrich who wrote to the NIH requesting more details on NIH awards to keep chimps in labs, and State Representative Yvette Herrell who wrote to the NIH Working Group advocating for sanctuary for New Mexico’s chimps. APNM thanks these leaders for their dedication and persistence!

Express your resolve for chimpanzees!

Here's what you can do next:
  1. Thank your members of Congress who have taken action to help chimpanzees.

  2. Write to the NIH Working Group with reasons why chimps in labs deserve sanctuary.

  3. Share this news with your friends.




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