Year of the Cougar Run A Success For Cougar Advocacy



Thank you to Valles Caldera National Preserve and all the runners, friends, and family for caring about cougars!

Earlier this month, we announced an upcoming collaborative effort between APNM and Valles Caldera National Preserve to educate the public about New Mexico’s cougar population. As part of the theme of this year’s marathons, our wildlife campaign manager worked with promoters to add APNM Cougar Smart New Mexico educational materials to the information packets given to the hundreds of runners participating.

The following weekend, APNM staff had a wonderful time attending the Year of the Cougar Run at the preserve, coordinating an outreach booth and speaking with runners, friends, and family about APNM’s longstanding advocacy of New Mexico’s often misunderstood cougars. To inquire about a Cougar Smart presentation in your community or to order free copies of our materials including kids’ tags, posters, and educational fliers, contact APNM’s Wildlife Campaign Manager.  

After this year’s event and 2011’s successful Year of the Bear Run, Valles Caldera Trust intends to continue animal-themed marathons in coming years. Please contact the Preserve to thank them for their continued efforts to educate and advocate on behalf of New Mexico’s wildlife!

To find out more about Cougar Smart New Mexico and what you can do to help cougars in your area, visit APNM’s cougar program site.

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