APNM & Barn Dogs Facing High Demand
As The Horse Blanket Drive Continues
  Keep Horses Warm This Winter

Cold weather brings much need; please consider contributing

UPDATE: Plummeting temperatures in December brought a flood of requests for blankets from low-income families. To help ensure we can meet every request and every horse stays warm this winter, please consider donating good-quality items to our Winter Blanket Drive.

For the second year, APNM and Barn Dogs Equine Supply are joining to help ensure that no horse suffers from the elements this winter. Via our Horse Blanket Drive, we are collecting good condition equine coverings to be distributed to horse owners in need. In addition to the animal’s comfort, a blanketed horse, donkey, or mule uses fewer calories to stay warm, stretching feed supplies in times of high hay prices.

(Please note that a horse blanket is a specific product with special features to help it stay on the horse’s torso. A regular blanket will not be applicable for this collection drive, but, if you have extra blankets, many animal shelters will accept them.)

If you have an extra blanket in your barn, any size but in good condition and freshly laundered, to donate, please contact APNM’s Equine Campaign Manager or call (505) 466-1059.