Looking Back At A Remarkable 2012
  Looking back at 2012

APNM Honors The Humans and Animals That Touched Our Lives This Year

APNM’s 33rd year brought a number of watershed moments in the history of New Mexico’s treatment of animals. With more statewide focus than ever before on a number of issues—including overpopulation and institutional abuse of horses, laboratory chimps stuck in limbo, disaster preparedness in continued drought, and reckless killing of wildlife—we’re working daily to transform public attention into opportunities for the betterment of the lives of animals. 

As we catch our breath before what’s sure to be an extremely busy 2013, please join us in praising heroes for animals and remembering those we lost in 2012

Looking Back at 2012
  Looking Back at 2012

Thanks to all of our members and friends who helped make 2012 a remarkable year for all living creatures! With your continued support, we can create another watershed year for animals in 2013.